Ritek DVD RW and 8x form Newegg



Does anyone know what code these are? And if they burn well with Lite-on?
It is quite a deal if they are good. I have bought the 4x ridata that are ricohjpnr01 in past with a rebate and received the money, if only after 8 weeks.



Price: $22.00
Mail-In Rebate: -$5.00
Mail-In Rebate: -$10.00
Final Price: $7.0

Ridata 5+45 Promo / DVD+RW 4X 5Pcs Ridata-color + DVD+R 8X Model “DRW+474/DRD+478C50” -RTL

Model# DRW+474/DRD+478C50
Item # N82E16817132375

For use with Recordable Drives that support DVD+R Blank Media
Speed: DVD+RW 4X, DVD+R 8X
Capacity: 4.7GB
Type: DVD+RW 5pcs, DVD+R 45pcs
Packing: 50 Pack CakeBox