Ritek DVD-R Problem

I have been burning movies for a while using TDK’s mainly and a few Princos here and there without a problem.

I got myself 2 50 packs of Ritek G04’s (green ones) because I heard they were good.

But I now have this problem with playback on my LG DVD/VHS where the movie pauses for a second every 20-30 seconds from start to finish.

I use a Sony DRU500A with DVD Shrink (latest).

The Ritek copy works perfect on PC DVD. And I have burned a copy from the Ritek copy back to a TDK and the TDK works perfect in the LG DVD/VHS.

Do I have all these disks which are no good? Or is there some other thing I can try? New standalone DVD? :sad:

Cheers Dudes


Opps maybe I should of posted this in the media forum. Sorry Dudes.

There are some “iffy” batches of Riteks doing the rounds at the moment. Can you not send them back?
I’m using Verbatims until I hear Ritek, or whoever, have sorted this out.