Ritek dvd-r dl media...what firmware will recognize it?

I just bought some dvd-r dl from supermediastore.com and when i put them in my nec 3550a with the latest 1.Y5 firmware flashed i get an error saying failure starting “disc at once” with nero 7. Any reason why this firmware won’t recognize this media? Please help.

thanx jay

Um, that’s probably more a NERO issue than a firmware one. My old (and now dead) 3500 supported the Ritek +DL media; the 3550A which came later, no doubt also does. Why don’t you try to create an ISO and then burn it with ImgBurn or DVDDecrypter? Another burn engine might be the ticket.

Hi mdisturbed and welcome to the forum
The RITEK -R DL media is not supported with NEC firmware at the moment. Until it is, you won’t be able to burn them.

do you think i would be able to return and/or exchange them at supermediastore.com? i bought 50 discs and spent nearly 80.00?

Yes, contact them and they should accomodate you, explain your situation. :slight_smile:

I have both the NEC 3540 and 3550 and these same lousy discs. No-go for me either. I even tried the NEC Drive Converter to fake the drive into another model but still no luck. I have RMA’d my DVD-R DL’s too.

Any suggestions for a good DL inkjet printable disc? Will the +R’s work with either NEC drive?

I purchased the 3550A because it was identified on the specifications at Newegg as one of the few drives that supports DVD-R DL media. I guess this isn’t really so. Should I also return the drive and stick with the 3540 or is it just the somewhat cheap Ritek media??

Thanks from a forum n00b…

Even if the drive supports that mediatype, it’s no guarantee that especially new media can work with it. New media usually contain new mediacodes which the burner/firmware cannot know…

And, besides that, Ritek is not exactly known for making usable double-layer media, so why should their dual layer media be better :slight_smile:

damn so using -r dl’s is currently a waste of time then since the software doesn’t support it?

i have a 5pk of ritek -r dl’s and gives me that same error with nero 7 on my 3540a (1w8 frimware) along with dvd decrypter telling me that its incompatible.

damn so using -r dl’s is currently a waste of time then since the software doesn’t support it?
No: Trying to use ritek dl media is a waste of money

verbatim isn’t that much better either but what the hell heh

is there a way of adding the media to the firmware so it can be used? kinda unfair that only verbatim is listed for 3540.

Would the +R work OK? I can only find Ritek and Verbatim for +/- DL inkjet printable media. The Verbatim is something like $70 for 20 while the Ritek is $50 for 25. I’ve used the Memorex +R DL discs (non inkjet) with great results but I am looking for inkjet printable media now.

Unfair? Has nothing to do with that.

It is interesting that Ritek would create a disc that cannot be used on popular recorders. Is there a reason these NEC drives are labeled as DVD-R DL record capable but Ritek chose to use new media codes? What is a media code anyway?? (Sorry, told you I was a total n00b to this stuff)

By new media codes, do you mean this type of media (DVD-R DL) is new to the market??

The mediacode on a DVD media, you can find it out by using tools like DVD.Identifier or DVDInfo.

The Ritek/Ridata/Memorex/Nashua/whateverCHEAPdlMEDIA can normally be burnt with DL capable burners but most times their mediacode with specific write-strategy is not integrated in the firmwares and also the quality of the media is just not good (enough).
For Verbatim DL media counts the opposite.

For DL media counts even more what counts for SL DVD media too: Buy cheap media and you will pay twice in the end…

DVD-R DL is not that long on the market yet than DVD+R DL is.

so i take adding the media code isn’t possible unless nec does it then?

It’s easy to add the media code. But you also need a pretty exact writing strategy for DL media, otherwise you just burn coasters.

Wrong, verbatim +RDL are the best DL you can get currently!

damn, i guess i try selling this 5 pack off then (any offers? :wink: )

Verbatim +R DL’s work ok but my jvc dvd player likes the Ritek +R DL’s more odd enough even tho it normally doesn’t see a +R disc but its lovely that nec burners has the DVD-ROM bitsetting for +R DL’s :bigsmile: