Ritek DVD+R 8x R03

Just wondering how these are performing in the NEC ND-2500A.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere here that they are only burning at 4x in this drive atm, due to firmware restrictions, but still I would be interested of any Kprobe scans of these DVD’s burnt in the 2500A.

Had a look at the media test forum, doesn’t seem anyone has posted any R03 results…

Thanks to all.

I’m a bit curious about the Ritek R03 dye as well. Haven’t seen them surface here in the Netherlands and Germany really…

Any experience reports would be appreciated! :iagree:

I have a lot of Ritek R03 media but cannot make Kprobe scans… because I don’t have a Liteon burner

Well, I can get them here in Australia.

Hmm, I might just buy one pack, and see how they go…

G3 dye is Excellent - but I only use Arita Ricoh or Traxdata brands Burnt with Nero 6+

Originally posted by Locutus
[B]Well, I can get them here in Australia.

Hmm, I might just buy one pack, and see how they go… [/B]

Sweet! Please post some Kprobe scans if you get some Locutus.

I’ll post some tomorrow (2:30am here :frowning: )

I’ve only got a Liteon 166S for doing the scans so they won’t be speedlocked.

Okay, I’ve just ordered a pack of 50, and I’ll see how they go in the 2500A. I’ll probably try one in my 811S, but I think it’ll turn out to be a bad burn. They won’t arrive till about Tuesday (Australian Eastern Standard Time), so be a few days before I can post scans, but rest assured, I’ll post some scans…

I hope they are as good as the RICOHJPN01 ones I’ve been getting, as almost every kprobe scan has been perfect. One or 2 dud ones for whatever reason, but most are perfecto :slight_smile:

That’s all I do with my 811S now, use it to Kprobe every DVD I burn, to make sure PI & P0 error are within my acceptable boundaries…

I don’t trust scans using any DVD-ROM or Combo drive. I’ve got the SOHC-5232K Combo Drive, and it’s Kprobe results are very different from my LDW-811S.

However, on a side note, the SOHC-5232K Combo Drive is the BEST reader I’ve ever had, very fast, and reads perfectly almost every damaged disc that I put into it…reads disks that my LDW-811S can’t even read.

If anyone in Australia is wondering where I’m getting these Ritek 8x DVD+R R03’s from, it’s from a seller in E-bay Australia, 25 of these for $50, or 50 for $100, plus $10 overnight courier delivery.

I just got a 2500 this week, and today received a 25 pack of RiTek (Ridata) 8X dvd+r’s to try out. No matter what I did, I could NOT get Nero, DVDShrink, RecordNow Max, or anything else to write at anything above 4X. Nothing would even give me the option to choose anything higher. Needless to say that I am very bummed about spending 50 bucks on media that will only burn at 4x, esp. since I have 50 old ones for 4X. Hope a firmware patch comes soon.

Yep, that’s the only problem, they only burn at 4x, since they arn’t supported in the firmware…

I do hope NEC update their firmware…just needs to support the new 8x media coming out. But I’m happy with 4x burning for the moment, as long as the burn quality is good, then I won’t complain too much. I’m guessing being 8x media, the quality of the burn should be just as good, hopefully better than the R02.

Bdgriff, I dont suppose you have a Lite-On DVD burner, and some Kprobe scans of burns you’ve done on that media?


Ya, it kinda sucks that we now have 8X burners, 8X media and yet it will still only burn at 4X, yet some people are able to burn 4x at 6 or 8X…And sorry, I don’t have a lite on. What worries me most is I hear NEC doesn’t support this drive (OEM) so firmware will be hard to come by.

Yeah, that would really be a damn shame…Come on NEC, you can do it!

Thanks bdgriff…

Well then, I’ll post scans sometime next week…

I should note the main reasons I’m giving these discs a try is that Ricohjpn01’s I get are AU$99 for 50, and it’s $100 for these Ritek R03, so worth trying out a spindle. As I said, as long as the write quality is good at 4x, I won’t complain much…

For anyone interested, I have posted an R03 Scan in the Ritek DVD+R thread in the DVD Media Forum, burnt in the ND-2500A, and it’s beautiful. I’ve burnt a few, they all look very similar.

But will only burn at 4x atm. I hope the scan will look just as good when these media are supported at 8x.