Ritek DVD-R 4.7G 4X , Model DRD-47-4X-RDSM, OEM? Best media and cheapest for 2500A

Model# DRD-47-4X-RDSM
Item # N82E16817132315

For use with Recordable Drives that support DVD-R Blank Media
Speed: 1X, 4X
Capacity: 4.7GB or 120 Minutes Video
Conform to DVD Specifications for Recordable Disc Ver. 2.0 (4.7GB)
50 Pack

$38.99 50 Pack
Has anyone used this media and how was it?
Please indicate if you use this with stock firmware or hack firrmware and what were your results.
If you look at newegg website link above ,the Customer Reviews is 5 stars over 257 votes.

This is even cheaper anyone use this?
RIDATA 4X DVD-R 4.7GB, Model DRD-474-RDCB50, OEM

Model# DRD-474-RDCB50
Item # N82E16817132341

Speed: 4X
Capacity: 4.7GB
Conformity: Recordable Disc Version 2.0

$27.99 50 pack
Good rating on newegg look for yourself.

Both are Ritek G04 media. G04 is like a box of Chocolate :stuck_out_tongue:
A lot of people will tell you both you listed are the same; but some will say the Red-wrapped G04 are better.

Do you mind trying Herrie’s V2B4 or V2B5 firmware?? In fact you should. And with that you might want to consider +R media so that you can change the booktype to DVD-ROM. You should get better compatiblility with standalone player.

The Samsung 4X+R available for $37.99 @ Newegg have been Taiyo Yuden media so far. Which would be a much better value than the G04 disc you listed IMHO.

Check out the forums for other good media. Like the ProdiscS03 -R media from Accaproduct/Rima.