Ritek DVD Media

I’m thinking of getting the Ridata (Ritek) DVD-R Branded Shrink Wrap (4x) 50pcs from http://www.rimedia.com.au/
Does anyone know if these discs are any good (for the liteon dvd 812s) and the grade, g04 etc. I appreaciate a kprobe test if anyone has these discs.

thanks alot

I’m a big fan of RITEK DVD-R and DVD+Rs. I recommend buying them from JPL Displays. Great price, great service, and most importantly, great discs!


I’m also a big fan of ritek, not a single coaster in over 18 months of using them.
I prefer the G05 dye (8x) but G04 (4x) are also very good.

Dee, do you burn your G04s with your NEC, or your Pioneer?

Id say you can get good riteks and bad riteks. ive seen the same mid code burn good and bad depending on the batch. :iagree:

But, thier quality seems to be improving…if i were you and had a liteon id go with the dvd+R I hear the 8x are good R05s i think. I dont think you want to burn dvd-rs with your liteon.

So does anyone know about those discs in http://www.rimedia.com.au/. ???
Are they the GO4? they are the Ritek DVD-R (4X) 50pcs $48. Thanks

they great quaility discs!!, i got at 50 pack of DVD+R for $62, and there excellent!! i can’t burn dvd-r’s at 8x, so i dont get em, but i assume there are proberly g04, here is a scan of my first burn!!

edit- thats not the right scan, the force shift down wasn’t working, so thats why its high at the end!!-still a good scan in my eyes

does anyone know if the minus versions of those riteks are any good for the liteon 812s? thanks anyway for the kprobe test, steveo_wright.

Get your media from meritline.com or rima.com you can get the g04 for around
$40 to $50 for 100

The 8x (G05s) aren’t, the 4x (G04s) are.

I actually get better results burning the G04s at 8x with the MXLR02 strategy than I get burning the G05s.

As for a standard G04 4x burn…