Ritek Dual layer result (451s@832s)

I could’nt wait for DL media to become cheap so I bought one (£6.99!!) just to see if the 451s@832s DL writing really works on my drive.

Here is the Kprobe scan:

And the read curve :a


Well, you get what you pay for, as the age old addage says. I tried RITEK +R DL media on my 812S@832S a long while ago.

Seemed to work fine, with no CIRC errors, as it does on my real 832S.

Show of hands for some results on RITEK +R DL on 451S@832S, VS0A - so we can compare and possibly sort out Androlights problems…

The first Ritek +R DL test in the DVD test forums is by a 451S@832S. Could be media related–there have been reports of MKMs that have coastered even on NECs due to variable media quality. Or could be a problem specific to Androlight’s particular drive. It’s hard to say.

Thanks for the replies guys. I don’t think it’s drive related. The write quality on prodisc, g04, TY and ricoh are amazing (typical pi<20 po<5).

I’ve put the dl disc under a microscope and found one very small scratch starting from the outer edge and about 3 mm towards the inner edge. This might explain the result.

MKM001 burnt by a real 832S