Ritek Double Layer Disc find!

The ones you buy movies on are pressed (not recorded) and are alot cheaper.

Thanks for the explanation.

Any thoughts on when the NEC 2510A will be able to write to this media? I needed a new spindle of +R’s anyway so I ordered this little combo deal. I’d like to be able to write to the DL disc at some point. Thanks!

For those who ordered this…would you recommend the
RiData Model# DRD+47-8X-RDIW
RiTek Model# DRD+47-8X-RDSM

I have a NEC 2510A, with 2.15 firmware

The -RDSM has a blank silver matte surface, which in my opinion makes labeling discs much easier and looks a lot better than a surface full of advertising.

I bet this disc actually costs less than $10, especially in bulk. The problem is the short supply. Newegg would rather promote sales with this item than sell it at its nominal value. If they were selling it for $10 or less it would be out of stock pretty faster than they could restock it, I would guess.

As I understand it, this is a deal from RiData and not from Newegg. Ritek is doing the promotion, and Newegg just happened to be the dealer they chose to carry it out. Newegg at the moment is the only dealer in all of North America that has access to this media.

However they have since proven to be not compatible with NEC 2510A… firmware 2.06. Is this correct? If so, when can we expect a firmware update that will include these disks? Your best guesstimation… thanks.