Ritek does not list NEC2500 as Supported

Looking at the Ritek site today and noticed that that they do not list the NEC 2500 as a burner to use their media.


Did they just miss it or are NEC telling tall stories about Ritek L19 disk being supported.

I think it’s more important what NEC says it supports, not Ritek.

I’ve burned a dozen Ritek G04 disks (L19 stamped on them) just fine, and NEC Germany lists them as fully comptabitle at 4x. Why the heck would NEC lie about disc compatibility when they want to sell drives? Writing lots of coasters would not give the drive a good reputation and would hurt sales.

Well if that is the case, why are so many people including myself having problems burning with different Ritek dye media.

I have tried the following
Ritek TANGO (Overprint) 4X
Datasafe RITEK 4x
Unbranded “Frosted Top” 1x-4x RITEK

All with different results. All burn fine but reading is the problem.

Use the same disc’s in a pioneer 105. All work a treat.

There must be something in it.

why are so many people including myself having problems burning with different Ritek dye media.

Asked and answered many times. Iy appears to be a combination of things coming together to cause problems for some drives.

  1. Some NEC drive do not like reading G03/4 media.
  2. Some G03/4 media is inferior to others.
  3. Some NEC drives don’t burn it as well as others.
  4. Some combinations of drive/firmware work better than others on the Ritek.

Any one, or all, of these variables can cause the issues, #1 is likely the most common. In some cases, 2 or more of the variables will come together to cause problems.
I don’t believe that “so many” people are having problems with them, just “some”.
But you can rest assured that the root cause of the trouble is the media itself. The 2500A is not the first drive, by far, to have problems with Ritek DVD-R.

i have a nec 2500 and burn all ritek without any problem - or +

Only mentioned it.

As I was having problems… :frowning:

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