Ritek DL with 6x Speed on Plextor Px-716a!

I found out, that the RitekD01 DL Discs burn 6x on the Plextor if i disable the PowerRec funct.!
But there is no info about this on the plextor media list!

Works with Ricoh as well. But Ritek media is so bad, you usually won’t burn it reliably at 2.4x in any drive, so what’s the point in making coasters at 6x speed?

Burn the coaster faster so you’ll notice earlier … :iagree:

i get better results with 6x on this disc as with 4x speed!

konsolen, do you have any scans of the Ritek media burned @ 6X?

here th escan with 6x.
With 4x speed i get pi over 220!

LOL burn a complete disc, and you’ll see that the outer edge of the disc is most likely unreadable :slight_smile:

a also burned a disc with 8gb.but the big spike is only from beginning of the second layer.
the end of the disc is with max. 60.