Ritek DL still worthless in 1640 with new firmware

Just did a burn as pictured below and its very pretty if you like lots of colours, big numbers and loads of spikes! Otherwise i just made a new rather expensive coaster. Got to say i think the last firmware did better burns but then it did crash out on 50% of the discs . . . oh and of course this disc failed to verify after the burn, may try it again on another disc if i can be bothered . .

(Disc was a Datawrite +DL, blue top)

I’m never touching RiTEK discs again. I had to throw away over 100 movies burnt on ritek crap.

If you must use DL media, go for Verbatim instead. It costs more, but it’s worth it in the long run.

oh my…well its the way the disc is produced by ritek…

I agree the DL stuff is totally rubbish but whats wrong with there SL media? I’m very happy with the ones i’ve done . . .

There is only one DL media: Verbatim… MKM001

I have to disagree with you a bit. There’s also Verbatim… [thread=142529]MKM003[/thread] now. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: @ Liggy - ok then :smiley:

Anyway, here is a ritekD01 Traxdata result. Pretty good in my opinion.

Maybe e-net(datwrite, ridisc and datasafe) continues to use lower grade media? :rolleyes:

to reply to the guy above, I think for single layer, most of the g04 discs weren’t bad. All the ones a burned starting about a year ago, still play flawlessly. However the g05’s are garbage, and I’m guessing the DL is too (i don’t have a dual layer burner yet). Anyways ritek media was ok for a little while in time, but they dropped the ball pretty much right after they stopped making 4x media.

oops, didn’t realize i’d had my burner for 2 years now, so my oldest g04 media is 2 years old now. Still works fine. I use TY for single layer now though, if you catch sales and what not, it doesn’t cost too much more.

ricohjpn dual layer media also isnt that bad from what ive heard. i havnt got a chance to try any because theyre not that available here in Canada.

anyway, to the person who doesnt mind ritek sl media, their media is variable and in general, ritek media isnt very good anymore imo.

G05 media on the whole isnt a patch on G04 media. A very good G05 disk burns about as well as B-grade G04.

While most is acceptable, there are far better media out their for the same price, you just got to find it.

My current cheap but very cheerful media are datawrite silver printables, they are genuine MC02RG20 (ie Verbatim) media (Quality Scans and the inprinted disk numbers match genuine media). At £5 for 25 these media are superb and far, far better than any G05 or the R0x media Ritek seems to have switched to.

Would just like to say i’ve never used G05 as i stock pilled a laod of G04 when it was going cheap, now don’t i feel happy :flower: (and my other Ritek stuff has a ricoh tag)

Wheres that frmo might have to get my hands on some?

I’ve had G04 more than a year and they still fine! But that’s not problem. I have ran quality scan on some of them and degrading. :expressionless:

@Siswell: It a small local supplier to me, unfortunately his supplies are erratic at best. If you find them online (I havent) try to get the MID code before you buy as Datawrite have a habit of either switching media codes (but not packaging) or dropping to landfill quality.

@Jarthel: All media degrades, some quicker than others. Just keep important stuff in dark (most important) and dry conditions and it will last much longer.

If you scan important stuff regulary, you should be able to catch pending failures long before you lose anything. Obviously real crap media already start from such a low point that any degradation tend to mean you going to lose data. Had very little G04 fail on me, except for half a dozen which for some reason developed physical cracks at the hub. Most G04 scans almost as good as when burnt, a few seem to improve even.

Well, all media degrades at different rates. Poor media (like RitekG05) can start ‘dying’ on you in as little as two weeks-2 months (and I’ve got many G05s to my right that are already going to be reburned to TY. A true ‘grade A’ media should degrade very little and last you 7-15 years without a problem (estimates by others, not me). While I’ve seen people say the G04 hold up much better, the Ritek G05 is true crap; you might have 5 that hold up, but then you’ll have 5 that are failing in a short time. After such a debacle with Ritek G05, I will not be buying anything Ritek, SL or DL. When you burn something, it should last you years, not weeks–nor should you have to rescan it often because you can’t be sure how it’s holding up. If you want peace of mind, avoid anything Ritek, I’d say. Any company producing crappy quality like that deserves to be put out of business. Unfortunately, aside from CDFreaks and other forums, I imagine people will still blindly buy them thinking they are good. :a

yup I agree with that, back in the days of g04’s, those discs were pretty stable, and pretty good compared to most of the other junk that was out there. The cost of TY’s or maxell’s back then was so high, that for me it was the way to go. Fast forward a few years and If i pay enough enough attention i can usually get good deals on made in japan maxells or fujis that are TY’s, and if you’re patient and get them on sale, its really not that much different in price then lower grade media.

Now we only need more companies to produce DL to drive the damned price down :slight_smile:

Only wish TY media would drop in price a little more. Always has been way over priced here in UK. It recently has dropped (at a few suppliers) from simply extortionate to simply overpriced, but atleast its heading in right direction

I have to disagree. The LG GSA-4163 know how to burn Ricoh DL and other DL better than most burners, including BenQ 16x0, NEC 35x0 and Pioneers.


I’m still waiting for a BenQ reaction…

I fully agree. A good support for at least RICOH D00 would be highly appreciated. Cause its the only better DL media which is available here for less than 5 EUR. And they have also printable.