Ritek Discs on sale

I was thinking of ordering a bundle of 50 of these. They seem to be a disc of choice here on the board. I was just wondering if this was a good price and if you guys would recomend them for use with a NEC 2510?

Thanks for the help :bow:

I’ve had great results with the Ritek’s, over 150 DVD-r 4x. I used the Red wraped bulk packs from Newegg. With Herries firmware these were burnt @8x on my 2500a and no coasters ! With what I’m hearing about the declining quality of the Ritek’s from different posters purchasing from different sources, I wanted to try the Prodisc -4x SO3’s.Great reviews posted on this forum. The price was $36.00 for 100 ! Hum…half the price! Ordered them and received from Rima.com friday. 5 disk burnt and no problems !!
I had nothing but positive results with the Ritek’s but for half the price I’ll roll thru the rest of these Prodisk and see what happens. Do a search on this forum for the comments on these disk and form your own opinion ?

Sorry, I checked the link and you’re asking about + format. My comments were for - format. Someone with experience with the +Ritek needs to answer this.

Are you sure you want those 2.4X certified discs??
NEWEGG.COM has a sale on 8X Ritek DVD+R discs.
A 50 pack of the 8X discs only cost $3.50 more than the 2.4X discs in your link.
Plus newegg is a much more reputable store.

Are those Ritek Discs on newegg.com Ritek’s “grade A” media?

The last thing you want to do is order Ritek from Meritline, they’ll send you almost anything except what was advertised.
NewEgg is a good source, as is http://www.accaproducts.com/ and http://www.rima.com/

“grade A” doesn’t mean squat.
Many retailers claim their media is “grade A” even when it is crap.
Again, I recommend that you go with the discs from newegg if you want Ritek DVD+R.