Ritek d01 & dw1655

i got some ritek d01-001 disks from my friends; after trying few disks, i ended up having coasters

the disk quality scan shows pi max 28 :Z

is this normal for these disks or am i having a defective drive.

Yes ritek are crap makers now and their media used to be good, the only thing they make that is of good quality is CDs.

It looks like bad media.

But why did you burn it on a DL if you can fit the movie on a SL disc? :slight_smile:

thanks for your insights :wink:

@zevia, this is my vhs to dvd conversion…somehow dvd shrink built iso failed to be burnt 2nd layer with dvd decrypter.

no wonder my friend gave me almost 50usd spindle (15pk) he got from staples with his rewards card…maybe i should have returned it to staples for something else.

i am still trying with solidburn for supported disks to see how it will work out.

btw, benq website is really difficult navigate, i ended up using google to find qsuite

hmm…i think i need to get verbatim dvd+r dl to test whether my drive is defective or not.

Ritek D01 are well known to burn crap in almost every dvd writer. Verbatim +DL media is the only good DL media out there.

thanks you all for your insights; i guess i know ritek d01 is bad :wink:

i am still concerned that my 1655 has not had any sucess finishing the burning; it always failed at the end of 1st layer (or maybe it is beginning of the 2nd layer)…maybe i shouldn’t have sold other drives.

now i have about 10 disks to waste; let’s see what happens

btw, no wonder memrex was bought out by imation; memorex brand dl media spindle is like 50usd for 15disk, yet i am not getting the result.

since making dl disks is difficult, maybe, bd-r disks would be really difficult to make

Here are scans of RITEK D01 I burned last year. First scan is TDK branded, and second scan is Ritek brand. Both burned on Lite-On 1673 at 4X. Either way the media is really poor even when burned successfully. I only burn Verb DL +R exclusively.

my boss gave me his nec 3500a after seeing me going crazy to try; my last disk is in 3500a & passed 54% so far.

according to my boss, benq drives have not done well on dual layer disks even with mkm001; i know that all my +rw did not work well on benq 1620, but i didn’t know benq also sucks at dl burning.

i guess i will get dvr111 when it comes out…maybe even 760a :wink:

oh my…ritek d01 is truly crap, indeed. (did not even have to scan all the way… pif 50+ :Z )

i wonder what sort of persons approve such disks to be branded as memorex, or even premium brands like tdk, fuji, lg, or samsung? maybe, they haven’t learned enough lessons in the courts :wink:

anyway, all my 15 disks are unusable.

again, thank you all for your insights & kind helps

A little hint: Save your images in cd-speed as a PNG not a Jpeg(jpg) cause the quality of PNG is much higher (your images are very blurry), also the image will be smaller in size. Its the standard on the forum.

thanks for the tip :wink:

somehow, the nec 3500a burnt disk could be played even by picky sony dvd player; however, the 1655 burnt (2nd layer failed) could only be recognized by the dvd burners even though the scan result is better than nec

i am also having major problems with my 1655 as it failed so far 3 hp brand lightscribe 8x disks (cmc); i cannot burn them faster than 2.4x even if i choose to burn them @8x

something funny is going on here.

the last disk i burnt using nec 3500a 2.td firmware could be played on my picky sony dvd player without any problem. this is strange because the scan result indicates that the disk is a coaster.

i did a full scan & this is the worst disk i have ever scanned. 1655 seems to have no problem of reading it, too. am i missing something?

the pic is the full scan of ritekd01 disk burnt by nec 3500a 2.td

I’ve burned RITEK P01 (4x DVD-R DL) successfully with good quality scan and smooth transfer rate test but they won’t even recognize in all my standalones. Not the case with Verbatim 6x DVD-R DL (MKM01RD30).