Ritek D01 DL ---What burner?

I have come to the conclusion that the LG 4163B is defective in design in relation to Ritek D01 Dual Layer discs.

I am now on my second 4163B (I just bought a second new one at a great price).

With the old one I had a VERY poor record trying to burn Ritek DL discs…maybe 50% if I was lucky. So I stopped buying them. The error was almost always a tracking error, usually but not always when going to the layer change.

My solution was to stop buying Ritek discs and use Verbatim DL. With the Verbatim I’ve gotten a 100% reliability. The downside is that the Verbatim costs a lot more.

Now that I bought the new burner I decided to try that one on my main computer. I thought maybe the older one was less than perfect in build and maybe the new one will give me better results with Ritek DL Media. I also updated to firmware A105.

Well, I bought 2 3-packs of Memorex DVD+R DL (Ritek D01) I’ve burned 5 so far with only 2 good discs !!!
All the others had a failure at the layer change!!!

Now what I don’t understand is that merchants sell the Memorex-Ritek DL discs here by the boxfull. How can it be that everyone using them gets such a poor result. If that were the case people would be complaining and the merchants would stop carrying this product! My belief is that the 4163B can not burn on these discs…but I can’t understand why???
After all this time can’t LG get a decent writing strategy for these discs.

Maybe I should have bought a different burner.
Can anyone tell me what burner gets good reliability with Ritek D01?

Wrong conclusion.

Use recommended & supported DL media: VERBATIM only.

Well chef,
My point is that the 4163B can not reliably burn the D01 discs.
So what burner can…obviously they must exist since people buy the D01disc by the boat-load.

By second point was that why is it so imposible for LG to write a correct strategy for these discs??? They are not a fringe brand…they are EVERYWHERE.
In fact in Canada the Ritek D01 and Verbatim are the only DL discs commonly found and the Verbatim, by comparison are in the minority.

I need a burner for the D01 discs.

It is amazing, isn’t it? I have tried them Riteks on 3 different drives and no go.

NEC drives seem to handle this media ok.

Maybe the newer ones, my NEC 3500 also made a coaster on Ritek D01.

I’m amazed that these discs can be sold in the mainstream as branded Memorex. I only bought these 2 3-packs because a long time has passed since I last tried the Ritek DL and I just bought this new burner. In the interim, these discs have been selling strongly. Major retailors in Canada do move this product. How can they? I complain (and will again, now). I have to assume that if everyone gets spotty or worse results that at least a percentage will also complain and that people will stop buying them. I stopped buying them and will swear off them again.

I can’t imagine that 50% or more are going straight to the waste-basket.

Maybe set-top burners fair better?

Yeah, I bought a 3-pk from futureshop in canada and only 1 worked. The others would stop burning at the layer change. Like chef said, use verbatims I have had the best luck with them.

I also use the GSA-4163, and my good ol’ Benq DW-1620 (gotta love that burner)

and my fellow hoser (I’m in Ottawa)…yes, I bought two of those 3 packs., a huge disapointment.
But seriously, do you think that if 1 or 2 of every three were actually bad discs that Memorex and Future Shop would be selling them???
Day after day, week after week…
These are branded discs in jewel cases, not bulk items.
If everyone got these results they couldn’t give them away.

I really believe that the LG is faulty here.
I have exactly the same problem, burn failure at the layer change.

Did you try using them in your Benq 1620 ?

The LG is not faulty, RITEK D01 burns poorly in pretty much everyone’s burner. Ritek quality control barely exists, and plenty of bad discs ship. You could at least save all your coasters and send them back to Memorex for replacement, then buy some Verbatims. MKM 001 is the only dependable dual layer disc.

I just bought a 25 spindle for 30 and yes these disks truly suck. My new 1640 cant make a playable copy, my 1621 firmwared drive barely makes a working copy, I haven’t tried my 3500 yet. The verbatims I have, though the error rates are a bit higher then most SL disks seem to work perfectly, even when burned at 8x.
I’ve heard theres a drive that likes em but so far nobodys in this thread does. I should just take em back but I can always hope a new firmware or drive I dont own yet will work better.

You are corret. Seen so many mixed reviews that I won’t touch the Ritek with a 10 foot pole. That and Verbatim specials are getting to be too good to pass up.

Totally agree.

Ritek.D01 = Piece of Poo.

I have like 9 coasters out of every 10 written discs. The best results I’ve obtained so far is with Lite-On SOHW-1653S (check the review here at cdfreaks for result). Sometimes NEC could make usable discs too - but rarely.

The LG also does very well with the Ricoh DL that I’ve tried. (Fuji). Quality scans are comparable to MCC. This is the worst scan I’ve gotten from it. It is a bit more variable than MCC, but nothing like Ritek.

Since my LG can sometimes write Ritek pretty well, but at least 1/2 of them are crap, the only sensible conclusion is that it’s the Ritek, not the burner, that’s at fault. I’ve also noted that several DVD players have had trouble reading the Ritek, even with decent quality scans. My NEC 3520 can burn it fairly well, but not well enough and it’s still very variable.

Maybe those DATAWRITE DLs would be an option, they’ve performed well in the Pioneer DVR-110D review. On the other side, the Pio is not easy to compare with an LG.

Maybe videohelp.com gives some more info?!

Does somebody has try CMC DL dvd+r ? (CMC MAG D01)

My 3500 made a working copy it turns out, Played it on my LiteOn 2001 player and it didn’t glitch at the end where the other copy compltetely lost it from the 1640. I’d still say its crap media though I’ve heard the Pioneer 110 does OK with it now that I asked around.

Not likely. Seeing as how they are probably B Grade Ritek D01s. :gag:

My Benq 1640 made a working copy of RitekD01. I can’t say anything about Memorex DL since I use Ritek-X surface exclusively. There are too many brands of RitekD01 … Go MKM DL only!

Sure you can say something about Memorex as it is the exact same Media ID as what you have burned. :wink: