Ritek cd's

Just wondering are all ritek dvd’s the same quality? Because I saw these ones in a store’s website (australia) selling them for $48.40 for a 50-pack which translates to roughly about $33.88US. http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=77&products_id=7800
Also they are selling Record DVD-R 4.7Gb (4x speed) 50 pack for $41.40, anyone heard of these brands. Also i have the LiteON DVD ReWriter SOHW-812S (8x)

No, not all Ritek DVDs are the same quality.
It is hard to determine any type of quality of the discs in your link since no ‘brand’ is listed…
Actually, Ritek DVD-R media has been very variable lately. :frowning:
I wouldn’t recommend them due to recent reports of variability, although reports from the LiteOn forum do seem to indicate that the 812S does do well with RitekG04 media…