Ritek CDR's Cyiane or Phthalocyanine?

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Hi all. Im now due for another 100 spindle or cdr’s, and my local seller has the policy that u cant return cdr spindles once u have opened the pack.

I wanna buy a ritek [£20] and obvoiusly i want to get Phthalocyanine disks, but is there any was i can find out without having to read the ATIP or even open the pack [ie - the colour of dye used] ?? - cos if i get cyanine ritecks instead im f**ked



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No. :wink:

Cyanine: blue/green

Phthalocyanine: yellow/light greenish/goldish

That’s how the bottoms of the discs should look.

does that ‘rule’ work in all cases?

<thanks for the reply>


Phthalocyanine is light green/yellow/goldish on the back in 99% of the cases.

Metal azo is very dark blue/green/purple.

Cyanine is blue/medium to dark green.