Ritek and CMC planning production of 20GB HD-DVD-RAM

I just posted the article Ritek and CMC planning production of 20GB HD-DVD-RAM.

agomes used our news submit to tell us "I found this reference to 20 GB HD-DVD-RAM that I find quite interesting. Is it my fault or this is some kind of “hidden” format to add to the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11362-Ritek-and-CMC-planning-production-of-20GB-HD-DVD-RAM.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11362-Ritek-and-CMC-planning-production-of-20GB-HD-DVD-RAM.html)

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Ritek produce RAM media already, Really Awful Media that is :slight_smile:

You beat me to it. Ritek and CMC can’t get a 4.7 GB DVD R right. I’m gonna have to say let’s not get too excited

Apart form data off your HD, there’s absolutely nothing you CAN write to these things. At current optical disc costs per GB, they’ll have to sell those 20GB RAM discs for around $2 each. Fat chance!

without their helps, the price of meida won’t go down…though the quality of medias does same with the price

The important thing here is the format (and the price tag, obviously) not a particular manufacturer. HDD has the price advantage but you can’t trust only on HD for important data - it must be for some reason that disk test software asks if the drive is “older than 3 years”, even before starting its job. And if qualities are kept, RAM discs are said to last longer than other DVD formats so far.

The BIG battle will be between 20 and 27 gigs. If the 20 gigs is cheaper I bet HD-DVD will win. I’m doubtful that dual layer media will become very popular.

they brought dual layer standard out to late i am gonna hold out for now and hopefully bypass br and hd for something like holographic but time will tell it always does

  1. I wouldn’t buy CMC or Ritek media with YOUR money. 2) If you think that dual layer won’t become more popular, think again. Not everyone is going to be a mindless gadfly and jump on high capacity disks. In fact, the VAST majority will be intelligent and wait to see if either standard becomes mainstream (I’m betting neither will and that another candidate will arise, mostly because both are indifferent to consumer needs), or simply reuse to jump based on cost. In short, this whole mess is a “two minute brutha” - premature ejaculation on the part of wannabe vendors and the media. What do we have to fall back on until this new candidate arises? Dual layer - which is falling in price.
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VERY well put Roj…took the words right outta my mouth.:X

dont worry this is not that far away http://www.maxell-usa.com/Content/Pages/Page.asp?Section=pressreleases&department=maxellusa_pr&Line=datapr&Open=datapr41 cant wait

I predict that holographic storage is at least two years from commercial release with MASSIVE DRM fights and issues. In the meantime, Sony will posture and declare “victory” at least a dozen more times and most except the Sony faithful will ignore them. HD DVD will similarly flop, despite its own rhetoric. Attempts to use consoles to force the issue will fall flat on their asses. In the end, the industry is its own worst enemy and we as consumers can and SHOULD wait until they stop fighting like a couple of eight year olds and learn to service US, which is in fact their only reason for existence. No US == no PROFIT. As such, anyone jumping on a given bandwagon NOW is a complete and utter moron., lacking two braincells in their cranium to rub together.
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