Ritek and CMC maintain global lead

It doesn’t seem to matter how bad Ritek get they are still the leading suppplier, talk about bad news. THough one bit of good news, MBI can only just scrape through with a 4x certification, maybe they will improve quality control from this litttle lesson:

Ritek and CMC Magnetics, the top two makers of optical discs in T
Taiwan, respectively maintained the first and second largest share of global shipment volume for DVD+R/-R discs during the fourth quarter of 2005, according to Japan-based market research firm Fujiwara-Rothchild.

India-based Moser Baer India (MBI) surpassed two Taiwanese makers, Daxon Technology and Prodisc Technology, to jump from the fifth largest maker of DVD+R/-R discs in the third quarter of 2005 to the third largest maker in the fourth quarter. This was mainly due to MBI’s successful price-cutting strategy, according to local industry sources.

The sources pointed out, however, that though MBI just passed certification by international brands such as Philips for 4x DVD+R/-R discs, Ritek and CMC have obtained certification for 16x discs for a while. This implies Ritek and CMC have a technological lead of at least half a year in DVD disc production, the sources indicated.

Of global shipment volume for CD-R discs last quarter, MBI had the largest share with 17.7%, followed by Ritek with 15.0% and CMC with 9.1%. The ranking is similar to that for the third quarter of 2005.

I just wonder if CMC also includes MCC manufacture as that may scew the results as I thought MCC would be in the table.


It doesn’t seem to matter how bad Ritek get they are still the leading suppplier

at least they lost 2,5% :clap:

I just wonder if CMC also includes MCC manufacture

i think yes, but i have no clue :confused:

Not surprising as the average consumer doesn’t know beans about media.

The other question is whether Ritek’s volume of shipped discs included the discs they make for RIcoh.

Agree, also many of them are lookin for acceptable prices like “see there 100 spindle for 25 eur.”!

Or they read sugarmommyst’s threads in the Bargain Basement and assume that they are all good media. :smiley:

They suck at making money but thanks to a lot of naive factors they are still in the game - Seems this image is quite worse than last time i saw it - Ah, they suck :smiley:

With quality like this how can CMC be #2? Burnt on an AOPEN burner.

If you’re going to blame any media that doesn’t look good when burnt in an Aopen burner, you’re left with not much. :wink:

CMC is poorly supported in many firmwares from many manufacturers. They improved a lot their production in 2005, and as far as cheap media goes, they’re probably the best in the competition, assuming you have a drive supporting CMC nicely, like NEC and Benq drives.

Exactly, on the right drives you can get very good burn quality out of CMCMAGE01. This is a TDK 8x DVD+Rs on a LG GSA-4167B :

Burn quality is also pretty much consistent across the spindle so far.

Not much better with my Benq 1655. Lowest PIF total I have gotten with it was ~4800. Not impressed. Will not burn at 8x with my Benq either.

What brand actually? Would you post a scan? :slight_smile:

I’ve burned 100s of the CMC E01s on my drives (including a Benq 1640), brands include HP, Teon, Memorex, Philips. No issues and PIF totals usually 200-800 I’d say. I get a few odd discs with higher totals around 1-2k from my Teons, but they sometimes have scuffs on them and aren’t quite as consistent.

  1. Aopen is crap. 2. If your BEST burn on a 1655 is 4800 total PIF, you got a bad batch.

Phillips branded. HP branded. ESA branded (CC brand). No real difference. The AOpen is not MY burner.

Here is a scan of the most recent coaster. I gave up trying with them, it wasn’t worth the frustration. Tried with all possible options with my Benq.

And all speeds? I’m asking because this is a 4X burn with 8X rated media, and I have personally no idea how MAG E01 “responds” at low burning speeds as I’ve only even burnt them @8X:confused:

Not a great scan, for sure. :frowning: - though in-specs, so as you call it a “coaster”, I’m just wondering if you found this disc to have real-world playability problems? I’m not teasing here, just wondering: I wouldn’t be happy with media with so many PI failures, even with in-specs levels, considering it’s burnt on the Benq. :disagree: - but does it actually have problems?

Just thought I’d chime in with a scan of a CMC MAG E01 burned on an LG4163 (@ 8x):

You shouldn’t allways believe Digitimes. There a real propaganda platform for CMC and Ritek.

On the provisional approval list from philips.

(t) DVD+R Part 1, Single Layer, 4.7Gbytes speed 16x "Provisional Approval"
  1.  MID code PHILIPS type C16
    Developed by Philips Optical Storage and produced by CMC Corporation in Taiwan.
  2.  MID code TDK type 003
    Made by TDK.
  3.  MID code CMC MAG type M02
    Produced by CMC Magnetics Corporation
  4.  MID code DAXON type AZ3
    Produced by Daxon Technology Inc.
  5.  MID code MBIPG101 type R05
    Produced by Moser Baer India Limited
  6.  MID code CMC MAG type M01
    Produced by CMC Magnetics Corporation
  7.  MID code LGEP16 type 001
    Produced by LG Electronics Inc.

In other worse MBI 16x media was provisional approved earlier as the CMC media that CMC is currently selling the M01 media.
(List is based on first in and out !)

Also MBIL has that provisional approval befor Ritek R05 had a full approval from Philips and no RitekR04 doesn’t have any form of Philips approval !

Incase of 8x media
(v) DVD+R Part 1, Single Layer, 4.7Gbytes speed 8x “Provisional Approval”

  1.  MID code MCC type 003
    Verbatim/Mitsubishi branded DVD+R media
  2.  MID code RICOHJPN type R02
    Designed by RICOH, produced by RITEK.
  3.  MID code PHILIPS type 081
    Philips branded DVD+R media
  4.  MID code PHILIPS type C08
    Designed by Philips
  5.  MID code CMC MAG type E01
    Produced by CMC Magnetics Corporation
  6.  MID code TDK type 002
    Produced by TDK Recording Media Europe S.A.
  7.  MID code MBIPG101 type R04
    Produced by Moser Baer India Ltd
  8.  MID code RITEK type R03
    Produced by Ritek Corporation
  9.  MID code PRODISC type R03
    Produced by Prodisc Technology, Inc.

again we see MBIL befor Ritek !!!

Ritek and CMC might be able to launch products earlier (RITEKR04 doesn’t have philips approval !!) when talking about approved products there not that far behind.
Also incase of support it looks like MBIL 16x media is currently better supported as Ritek.

What it should have said is that MBIL doesn’t produce much 16x media yet compared to CMC and Ritek !

We are vey lucky to have you on this board, Dakhaas. :bow:

and i’m one of them.I’ve learned so much over the last few days by just reading posts in this forum. I Burn CD-R 100% of the time(dont care much for dvds) and i had no clue about the make of brand name media.I’ve always picked Fuji or Maxell CD-R (Ritek/Prodisc) based on the reputation,not knowing TY even existed.

As a previous post stated, these will not burn at 8x in my Benq or Lite-On. This disc had transfer rate problems starting at about 1 gig. By problems I mean slowing down to read the disc. It did eventually finish reading it though.