Ritek and 411s, good solution?

I tried my new 411s with verbatim dvd+r 4x, it worked well. now, I look for less expensive good media, such as ritek dvd-r 4x from www.digitalpromo.co.uk.

but there are many ritek media on this site. which should be the best for the liteon?

thank you.

I have been using ritek purple labelled ritek branded G04’s. They work great for data and always burn successfully but I cannot get them to work on 2/4 stand alone players i’ve tried (Sony/Digitex = fail, Phlips/XMS = success). They work with all these players when burnt with another dvdrw (not liteon).

So if you want to get the ritek, i’d advise buying just a few first to see if they will play on your stand alone (if thats what you’re going to use them for).

If they will just be for data, or to play on your PC only, these have been good to me.