Ritek 8x or Sony 8x?



I’m a newbie and I dont know many things about dvd storage. I’d like to know your opinion about these media: the Ritek 8x and the Sony 8x. Which do you prefer?
I read that the ritek 8x doesnt work very well with the LG. I’m searching a media that works with different hardware.

Tnx and Bye :slight_smile:


I only use Made in Japan media from TDK, Fuji, Sony, and Maxell. Don’t burn faster than 8X. Don’t tape anything on top of the DVD. Use a permanent marker if you need to label the DVD.


It’s better to use verbatim or taiyo yuden disc which is much better than other. If i have oppurtunity to chose between Ritex 8x and Sony 8x i would rather chose Sony it works perfectly and the quality is really good. However media is not always the judgement if we are talking with quality of course you have to check better and reliable optical drives which supports your disc.