Ritek 8X DVD+RW no go on 3550 or 6650?

The 6650 at least sees the disc, but cannot write to it. The 3550 doesn’t see the disc at all. Tried various firmwares to no avail.

Both drives are good with Memorex 4X DVD+RW. Any tips?

Gosh, I hope this isn’t true. I just bought a 3550 to replace a 3520. It should be here on Wednesday.

My 3520 with 2.U3 firmware writes Ritek 8x (RITEK008) fine. The quality I get is kind of poor but it works.

Hmm… I took my 3520 to work, looks like it might be coming back home! With the the L&D firmware the 3520 work better than the 3550 anyways!

Surely a hardware/firmware combination thing.

Pio 110 and NEC 4551 can burn 8x DVD+RW at 8x of course, no problems.

There are maybe big “quality” differences between Ridata and Traxdata:

Yep, the 3520 comes back home! Installed 2.U3 and it’ll read/write the Ritek 8X’s, also offers to burn Fuji 8X DVD-R’s at 16X. I’ll take the 3550 & 4X +RW’s to work and see if a later L&D firmware helps it.