Ritek 8x dvd+r problem

I just got a nec nd-3500ag from newegg and 100 8x ritek dvd+r. I upgraded the firmware to the latest on nec’s website. The problem is everytime I use alcohol 120% to burn an iso (mdf file) the burn speed maxes at 4.1x, but I can select 8x and maximum on the drop down menu. My cpu usage is low during burning and memory buffer usage is high. Is this normal and how do I get my burning speed to 8x?

My computer specs:
amd 2800+
seagate 160gb 7200rpm
512mb 3200 corsair

Well Ive been doing some research and more burning. I flashed my nec to Liggy and Dee R3 and still have the same problem. I changed to new ide cables, made my nec into a primary drive, and made sure dma is enabled but I still burn at 4.1x max. I used Nero and burned a full data dvd and also an iso file both took around 15 minutes at 8x. Alcohol 120 reports my average speed it 3.6x after burning something.
I used nero speed test and created a data disc. My end result was 8.25x and had an average of 6.69x, so I know everthing is running fine. But when I comes to burning files and backing dvd’s it takes forever with nero and alcohol. Both programs allow me to selct 8x burning but the actual speed never comes close to it. I also noticed while buring my memery buffer usage goes up and down, but my cpu usage stays pretty low.
I am running a A7n8x mobo with nforce 2 ultra, can this be an issue?
The media I am using are these dvd+r’s.

They have been reported to run fine in other dvd burners in the review so I don’t know what is the issue.
Someone please help, cause I am about to return this drive if speeds are so slow.

That’s weird. Are you sure Nero does not actually burn at 8x? Normally you should hear it switching at higher RPM twice when you burn at 8x (4–>6, 6–>8). Or possibly it could be that the media is crappy and it stayies at 4x to prevent bad burning quality. I’ve never used this media, though I’ve not heard the best for it. The thing with the recorders buffer that drops and then rises again is normal, but if you mean that the Nero buffer is dropping, then you will need to free some space in you hard drive and defragment it. Also to avoid using programs that use the hard drive while you are burning.

Your mainboard & chipset are awesome. Just try to uninstall the NVIDIA IDE driver if something isn’t right.

Right now I have 130 gigs free right now and I do defrags once a week so I doubt that is the problem. The reason I know it is not reaching above 4.1x is becasue alcohol 120 reports to me the speed that I am recording at. Ocassionally, the speed would drop down to 1x while burning and would quicky go back to 4.1x but never above. I do hear some noises while burning, but it is very weird. It would start out to be pretty loud, but when it get around 20% it will be silent and continue till the end. It seems to be getting slower than faster. I would like to know if peope tried these ridata media’s and having the same issue.

Yes, typical 4x CLV speed.
Try some more media. Tested, very good media that burns 8x or more with the NEC is:

  • Tayo Yuden 002 (you can find it as Fuji 8x DVD+R)
  • Ricoh JPNR02 (found as TDK DVD+R 8x)
  • Verbatim MCC003 & MCC004
  • Prodisk 003

while buring my memery buffer usage goes up and down

If this is the read buffer, not the drive buffer, then your HD is not delivering data fast enough for some reason. The real test of burn speed is the elapsed time, which should be about 23 min for a full disc at 4x, 8.5 min or under for 8x.

Is there a way to test if it is read buffer or drive buffer? And burning for me take around 14-15 minutes on a full disc and this doesn’t match 4 or 8x speeds that you mentioned.

In Alcohol, the “Memory Buffer” is the read buffer, not the drive buffer. So if it’s dropping all the way down, then your system is not delivering the data fast enough. If you want to watch both the drive buffer and read buffer, use Nero to burn your images.

You can set the read buffer size in Alcohol recording options. Try setting it larger if you cant find the cause of your slow transfer rates. This assumes you have adequate free RAM. If your buffer is larger than the free RAM, it will force paging file use, which could cause a slowdown.

Thanks to everyone that help.

I fixed my problem. I just went to nvdia website and got the latest nforce driver. I just burned another cd at 8.3x that lasted 9min 44sec and had an average of 6.5x.