Ritek 8x dvd-r G05 white injet stops burning at 70%

i have a problem and i hope someone might be able to explain or give me some advice. i have a liteon SOHW 1673S burner and it works fine until i use ritek 8x dvd-r GO5 media and porblems. when burning a video the burning process would progress fine until it reaches 69 or 70% and stop burning. it happened with FIVE consecutive disk all occurring at or around 70% progress. i use other brands and it worked fine so i figure it must be the darn particular media brand.

first of those medias are junk and should not be trusted low longtivity,see these threads
if you want whatever you burn to last long use quality medias taiyo yuden/verbatim

as for the problem updating firmware might help,are you burning em at their rated speed?

thanks i was burning them at the rated 8x. i’'ll try updating the firm ware but it looks like i will return them


Loose the media and look at the Bargain Basement Forum in here and you will find a bunch of QUALITY medias at very reasonable prices - like the Taiyo Yuden 1x - 4x for $.31 each in 100 pack - less 10% using code GG10 - and less another 10% getting a referral from one of the folks over on that forum - and they current are shipping 8x in replacement for the 4x so it makes the deal even that more sweet-