Ritek 8x DL +R media?

is ritek 8x DL media any good? or still the same crap like their 2.4x media?


meritline sucks do not buy from tham.

The point is that Ritek/Ridata DL media is crap…

It’s a hit or miss whether your burner is supported of Ritek 8X +R9. Pioneer dislikes RitekS04, don’t even try it. Use your BenQ 1655 or NEC 3550 to burn RitekS04 at slower speed such as 4X/6X. You may get a useable disc.

I would suggest to get Mitsubishi/Verbatim 2.4X +R9 since it’s the best DL media on the market. I think christmas eve is getting nearer, just wait for rebate/coupon on MKM001 :bigsmile:

And Sony DL is also Ritek! , I discoverd this the hard way :doh:

Only some of them…

Yes , Sony MIS is still MKM , while MIT Sony is Ritek :doh:

I guess I’ll have to add Sony to my signature.

Please don’t forget to add Memorex, Platinum, Tevion, Panasonic, …

Sony +DL is Ritek D01 001. Unfortunately this is from Best Buy. I guess US doesn’t have the other Sony +DL MKM 001.

All the Sony +R DL I’ve seen here has been Ritek junk. Some Fuji 8x +R DL spindles at Best Buy are RICOHJPN D01-002 (surprisingly decent stuff in my burners), but Verbatim is still the only way to go if you’re not playing around.

Panasonic !!! :eek:


I was wondering the same thing when I read that, as I wasn’t aware of them using any poor media. Maybe they’ve used poor media that I didn’t know about, or maybe it was intended to say Philips, or?

They’ve been using lots of Ricoh. And rumor has it that they are starting to use other stuff like Moser Baer India too.

Philips too, of course.

In MKM we trust :bigsmile: