Ritek +8x burn @4x only?

Hi all,
At least I buy NEC 3500 ( Before 1 or 2 months )
I buy some Ritek DVD+R media 8x 25PK from Amazon.com

It’s only burn @4x, why?
Do I need to update firmware?
Which one is good, ( to be free regions too )?

Thank you
Doctor Aziz

Liggy & Dees Firmwares are good from v1.4 to version 2 beta 1 all the way through the new beta 4. They’ll allow you to burn the discs at least at 8x, potentially 12x (although I’d keep them at 8x probably myself). I have version 2 beta 3 in currently and I know I burnt off of an 8x Ritek DVD+R from a sampler pack at 8x with no issues.

Go here for the firmware: http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/

Go here for the flash utility: http://binflash.cdfreaks.com/

READ the instructions and information on the Binflash page, very useful stuff to ensure your drive gets a proper flash. Also you might want to do a search on flashing or read some other threads here if you don’t know how to flash the firmware here first before making a firmware change to your drive. Also please note, that the flashing the firmware will technically void the warranty for your drive unless you just upgrade it to an official NEC released firmware which is another option you could take.

Official firmware 2.18 supports Ritek R03 media at 8x, previously in f/w 2.16 it was only supported at 4x, so you could use official f/w as Braxas says!

Hi all,
Braxas, Thank you very much. This is the first time I upgrade the firmware, and I don’t know how!
Is it only a setup file on windows?

Web-Junkie, Thank you very much.

Is ( 218_liggy_Ritek_SE.rar ) good?
Can you give a link of any good firmware?

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz

Easiest way is to use BinFlash - download the Windows version and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Just make absolute sure you have your NEC 3500AG selected before flashing. Don’t accidentally flash another drive. :slight_smile:

Adding to my post here: Also after you flash follow BinFlash’s instructions on rebooting afterwards. :wink: Once you reboot give your computer a little time to redect the drive - normally takes an extra 30 seconds to a minute for the drive to be redected with the new firmware.

Just to add to Braxas instructions, use the DUMP option in NECWinFlash first to BACKUP your existing f/w to a BIN file BEFORE flashing in the new! This way, if the new f/w fails or you don’t like it you can re-flash the previous f/w back into your drive.

Hi all,
Braxas, Thank you very very much for helping me.
I just do what you said, And it works good.
The 2.18 firmware is AMAZING! now I can burn Ritek dvd+r 8x @12x!!!

Web-Junkie, Thank you very much, I just do what you said!

Now I have some questions, First, is there any problem if I change firmware every time?
Second, is there more better firmware than 2.18?

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz

Nice surprise those Riteks @ 12x, it’s why I ordered 50 of them and the Kprobe scan I did down at mates were very good :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a powercut while flashing there shouldn’t be a problem changing f/w, just powerdown your system after every flash and switch it back on.

Officially 2.18 is the latest, unofficially you have Liggy & Dees f/w and Quikees f/w which add more features/media/speeds to the f/w, see the appropriate threads:

http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=119004 - Liggy & Dee

http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=116875 - Quikee

Which one you use is up to you, but just remember if you have to RMA your drive then flash back to original f/w, either 2.16 or 2.18.

What is the media code for those discs?

Like I said earlier, they are probably RITEK-R03-002 discs he bought! The ones I bought were Datawrite branded and they burn at 12x :slight_smile:

OOPS! I think I got something wrong :frowning: RITEK-R03-002 only burn at 8x in f/w 2.18, I was confusing them with some PRODISC-R03-003 media I just bought, it’s those that burn at 12x in f/w 2.18!

Hi all,
Web-Junkie, Thank you very very much for helping me.
DevHead, it is G03

Web-Junkie, I burn Ritek +8x G03 @12X NOW with 2.18!!! :):slight_smile:
I use 218_liggy_Ritek_SE firmware, and I can burn @12x!!! :slight_smile:
I bought it from Amazon.com 25PK.

Thank you so much
Doctor Aziz

See this,

Seeing as I use STOCK f/w my RITEK R03 media is limited to 8x in 2.18, but what does a scan look like of those discs burned at 12x? Does a Transfer Rate Test in CD Speed look ok?

I have 20 Ritek R03 001 bought from Meritline a month ago. They burn @4X only even with firmware 2.18. They burn fine @8X with my old Plextor 708. I havent tried Liggy’s firmware yet.

Hi all,
Web-Junkie, How I can scan the disc? Transfer rate 5:01 only!
peare1, try 218_liggy_Ritek_SE firmware.
Doctor Aziz

I started to use liggy’s beta 4 and burned 6 divx files onto Ritek. Now it reports @8X and it took more than 9 minutes to burn a total of 4.1Gb. Better than 4X for sure, but not really 8X. All files checked and they were OK.

peare1, go here :
And download (218_liggy_Ritek_SE.rar):
And read this :
NEC ND-3500A 2.18 (from Liggy) Supports bitsetting for DVD+R/+RW/+R9 formats, RPC1 and Riplock (7X for DL and 12X for SL media), Speed hacks: 4X for ALL supported DL media, Ritek R03-01 Supported at 12X, Ritek R03-02 Supported at 12X, Ritek R04-01 Supported at 16X

I hope that I help you.
Doctor Aziz

Thanx Dr. Aziz
(BTW, my 2d name is also Aziz) I got the Ritek_SE, but there is only a bin file there. How do I execute it? Sorry for my ignorance, but should I execute it with NEC’s firmware upgrade tool?

Hiii peare1, How are you?
It is very easy to upgrade firmware ( Thanks Web-Junkie ).

Just following this steps:
1 - Download NECFlash tool:
2 - Download 218_liggy_Ritek_SE firmware:

3 - Extract NECFlash tool to C: location… Make it C:\NECFlash.exe
Extract 218_liggy_Ritek_SE.rar to C: location… Make it C:\218_liggy_Ritek_SE.bin

4 - Go to Start --> Run --> and write this : CMD
5 - Write this : C:\NECFlash.exe -scan ( To know the device location…d,e,f…etc. )

( If the location is F: are any thing else)
6 - Write this : C:\NECFlash.exe -dump C:\Backup.bin F:
That if the location is F:, what we doing now is to backup the original firmware, maby you will need it in future.

7 - Write this : C:\NECFlash.exe -flash C:\218_liggy_Ritek_SE.bin F:

That’s only what you should do, and I’m here if you need any help.
Doctor Aziz

Hi again Dr. Aziz,

I had this terrible nightmare for a moment. I was using LD_V2beta4, and I have done all you’ve told me to do… and… liggy ritek se erased my firmware but didnt upgraded it, instead I received a write error, and the led on drive kept on flashing… it was impossible to open the tray. I used the F word to myself, why couldnt I be contended with what I have? Now, the drive was maybe dead… I restarted the PC and it has found the drive again, but hey! no firmware version. I flashed it with NEC’s 2.18 and now I think it is working. I dont know what happened, but I hate programs which need DOS commands, so I wont be using this Ritek_SE firmware until there is a good windows GUI to work with it. I am crossing my fingers and will be trying the LD_V2beta4. @8X is OK for this Ritek media. I had promised myself for not buying Ritek anymore, and I dont know why I bought this batch. I had bad experiences with Ritek in the past. Anyway, thats the story so far.