Ritek 700MB CD-R - Safe To Buy?

SuperMediaStore is having a pretty nice sale… Ritek 48X 700MB CD-R Media 100 Pack for $13.99. Has even a nice blue color to it. :slight_smile: Link

I don’t have ANY CD-R media left and on a very low budget… think I should be fine with these? I have a Lite-On CDRW and Nec DVDRW and normally burn at 32-40X.


Some people have said that the Ritek CD-Rs are decent quality. However, my experience with their DVD media (and many others had the same problem) is that while the media would burn fine, once tested, the DVD media shows rapid degradation, to the point it is unreadable in 6 mos-1 year. Ritek has very dodgy Q/A, and no warranty on the DVD media (I would assume there’s also no warranty on the CD-R media, too), so I personally would avoid it. I would get Taiyo Yuden CD-R media, as for just a few $$$ more, you’ll get guaranteed quality. Of course, Verbatim CD-R media also carries a lifetime warranty (like Taiyo Yuden), so you could try that. At the very least, buy some CD-R media that carries a lifetime warranty. If a company doesn’t give that kind of warranty on that media, good rule of thumb is NOT to buy it.

Hmmmm… I hope their CD-R media is good. Since there is such a good sale on it. TY media would be $10-12 more. DVD-R media wise… I ONLY do TY.

Any other feedback would be much appreciated.

If you haven’t already, check the CDFreaks Bargain Basement for other possible sales on CD-R media.

If all else fails, try a search with “CD-R” +Ritek and see what it pulls up. Maybe that search will bring up some people’s ‘reviews’ or something. Never hurts to try a search…

I did search… but got weird results. Hence why I made this thread. ^_~

Their pthalocyanine CD-R’s are generally very good, some of the best CD-R’s we can get here in NZ in fact.

I’ve burnt over 100 of them with no problems whatsoever, and excellent C1/C2 tests after 3 years of mild abuse.

I can confirm this - I have tested various batches of Riteks burned 1-4 years ago, all of them show no degradation in C1 rates whatsoever.

I agree – the Ritek pthalocyanine discs in my collection have held up great – even looking at discs from 2000 or so (5 years old now), where comparably aged and stored CMC and Sony discs have noticably degraded.

FWIW, the Ritek cyanine discs (greenish dye) weren’t so great, but they have not been made in a long while.

Bah… looks like they are just selling the Cyanine discs :c/

No wonder so cheap.

Guess I’ll have to look around through out the week for sales.

All Ritek CD media is excellent IMO. What are you using them for? Any CD media these days really is sufficient for general burning purposes. CMC, MBI, Ritek, TY. They all burn about the same in today’s burner. TY CD media isn’t really any better than the others IMO. I don’t remember the last time I burned a disc of any brand with even one C2 error.


The discs you linked in your first post were pthalocyanine, not cyanine. Blue/silver there means blue label side, silver dye side. Cyanine discs are green or blue/green on the dye side.

I appear to stand corrected. If they are the phyto- kind, that kind of dye is better in the “Reliability study” than the regular cyanine. Then it may be a good idea to try them out.

thanks for the tip on how to distinguish phyto from reg. cyanine dye, Reptile. In my readings, I had somehow missed that. :sad:

I also like riteks cd-r media i have yet to find any of my ritek cd-r media with any problems whatso ever.
As a bonus ritek have possibly the best printable surface available.

A long time ago, when I knew NOTHING about CD-R quality differences, I bought some 52x Riteks that were branded Office Depot (I couldn’t resist; $18 for 150 CD-Rs). They’ve generally had good quality for the price; a few spot checks revealed average type 1 errors to be 0.7 or so (no type 2 errors). Not sure how they degrade, but they’re silver-bottomed and probably phtalocyanine (sp?) and thus more stable than the cheap cyanine stuff.


My Ritek mids of ‘97m15s17f’ in Memorex, TDK and Verbatim brands have been very good with zero or single digit C1 errors - even the 2-3 year old stuff-

Have got in excess of 100 left - so it will be awhile before I need to buy again - then will probably be Taiyo Yuden-


You mean C2 I assume…? Zero C1 seems… er… too good to be true :bigsmile:

I join the gang to say that Ritek CDRs are very good. I use mainly these and TY now that it’s almost impossible to find genuine Maxells (second best after TY).

Even the cheapest stuff (Ridisc branded) is very good and pretty stable.


Yup - ment C2 - my bad