Ritek 4x Tango - How fast will they go?

Well I was amazed by the Liggy firmware on my NEC 3500A since I put some 4x RiDisc in and they burnt at 12x no problem at all :bow:

But now that has got rid of my 4x RiDisc stock I need to get some more media. I get it off a ‘supplier’ as then I get quite good discounts.

At the moment he has “Premium Grade A Quality” 4x Ritek ‘Tango’ discs on for £20 per 100. Will they write at 12x?

Also why will the Arita 8x pinks only go from 8x to 12x instead of 8x to 16x?

Thanks :cop:

that has to be one of the worst representation of the term “Premium Grade A Quality” they are usualy overprinted rubbish and will not give resenable value for money.

that depends are they the mountain sceen ones? they could also be over prints. ive used the +Rs and they were RicohJPNR01. what mid code are they.

This is a picture of them:

yep there not good, they do the red top, blue top and silver/black top. what are the aritas like post picture and MID.

I suggest you read this…


I spent a small fortune of the Ritek Tangoes last years after being told they were the best, most compatible disks for most standalone players.

Half of the were “duffers” even before being burned…