Ritek 4x +RW's For $24 plus Shipping For 50 cakebox




Just scored the Ritek 4x +RW’s in 50 cakebox for $24 from www.supermediastore.com

That is a great price for good rewritable media-



You will absolutely love these with your 3500. My scans rival those of -Rs.


Yo chas0039-

Very happy to hear this - I have not dealt with the DVD RW scene to date so took a chance that these would work out ok (believe that they have a ricoh mid code) which would probably make them pretty good stuff-

Just checked SuperMediaStore site and price has dropped to $22 = shipping!!!

And at this price point of $.44 each - what’s not to like?

Thanks for the reply-



Yes, a bit ago I got the 100 pack from Newegg and it was less $$$. They turned out to be Ricohjpnw11 and are GREAT. Quality between 97 and 98. I posted the scans but am not sure where…maybe the BenQ section, but I used an NEC 3500 as well.



You guys are really getting me excited about this stuff- should be here Monday 01/24 - can’t wait to take them out for a drive (burn)-



Yeah, you can put the pictures of the Pumpkin Festival on there. :smiley:



Ya - you Oregonians always win the biggest pumpkin contest too!!!



Yup…I used to live in Saratoga for a long time and worked in Sunnyvale (at a big computer company). At 92 and 101 we would stop in the shopping center to use the rest room, after the drive from Saratoga. :smiley:



Just got my shipment of the =RW’s-

This is the first time that I have used RW’s-

Question - do I have to preformat them or just start burnin’ to them as they come out of the cakebox? (search function was absolutely NO help on this subject)-

Thanks in advance-



I just burned. I used DVD Decrypter and then on to Recode. I also used DVDDecrypter and then DVDShrink. No difference. I used them to get a 7 DVD set from Netflix, then erased them after we watched the whole 7 DVD Series…but it did take more than “24 Hours” to watch them. :smiley: Not so much as a skip or freeze!


These require no formatting that will not be dealt with during the burn. They burn a little differently after the first time. Some software will see that these have data and will need your “OK” to burn over the data. I have never seen it happen, but i have read that they don’t gradually deteriorate. When they are worn out they will just not burn. Have fun.


Yes, after the first time use, I just do a quick erase in Nero.


Yo Mike,
I’d love to compare some scans against the Verbatim 4x’s I bought, (MKM A02). Unfortunately, I ONNLY have the ND-3500, so no K-probes from me. :frowning:



Yo everyone-

Hey - thanks for the replies - one quick question - does the +RW format support multisessions??

Yo JD-

Me either - I only have 3500’s

However I can do quality testing with my Aopen 1648/aap - it is a cdspeed supported drive-



I did post a scan, as I also have a BenQ 1620. I think it is on the BenQ forum, but will look when I get a chance.


OK, there is a scan in this thread. I think mine was moved to the BenQ Drive thread. I got a qual score of 96 and 97. Here is another…



Yo everyone-

Question again - can you do multisessions on the +RW’s?

Thanks in advance-



Not a hot deal, still very expensive and takes forever to erase the disc. Write once discs are so cheap, why bother with RW discs. And Memorex RW media (ritek) always go on sale for $9.99 for a spindle of 25.


+RWs will support multisessions, just like +Rs.


These are Ricoh’s.