Ritek 4x -RW or +RW with NEC 3500




Need some advice here-

Has anyone experienced good or bad results with 4x -RW’s or +RW’s in their 3500’s

Need to buy some and the +RW’s are about half the price of the -RW’s - but I don’t want to experience a lot of errors either-

Thanks for your help/thoughts/experiences-



Holla Mike,
I know you said you bought some +RW media in another thread somewhere, but I saw this on as well adn figured I’d update with some results from what I got here as I don’t know how to post properly in the DVD test area first off, and secondly, can only do transfer speed tests anyhow.

I got a pretty good deal on this Verbatim 4X +RW media from newegg, and also ordered up a 25 pc cake of the cheapo Legacy branded media that proved to be Prodisk R03 and burns at 12X on my ND-3500 pretty well.

Media code on this stuff is MKM A02. Here’s a CD/DVD Speed test result from a test burn.

Ok, I showed you mine, now, let’s see YOURS! lol

I talked to a tech at NEC at some length before setteling on the Verbatim, and the only reason I didn’t go TDK was because it’s SOOOOO cost-prohibitive! Ricoh is another highle recomended media if I’m not mistaken, but I don’t beleive it’s available as Ricoh-branded product here in the USA. I also got quite a bit of other info reguarding the ND-3500 once I was FINALY able to actualy FIND the number for their optical drive support. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I already forgot what you’d bought, but could ya let me know, adn post up some results?



RicohJPN W11 (Sony 4X DVD+RW) is another good media. Made in Taiwan with a lifetime guarantee. You can find a 2 pack at Target. Saw a 10 pack Sony at Fry’s for about $10.


Great results using Ritek DVD+RW (RICOHJPNW11) and Ritek DVD-RW (RITEKW04) using firmware 2.FA.
Just take a peek in the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9 review.
Other NEC 3500A firmwares should produce very simlar results :slight_smile:


I have had good results with DVD+RW (RICOHJPN-W11-01) and :bow: 3500 2.18 :bow: (LD_V2beta4)


Dam I guess you only get a few minutes to edit your post, only forum I seen like that. :confused:
Well I using Beta 8. :bigsmile:


Thanks! I knew Ricoh was being marketed under different brand-names, but wasn’t sure who. (I’m sure I could find out by doing a bunch of searches, but being Mr. ADD guy, I always get side-tracked. lol)

Always great to hear from one of the mods. :bow: Although there are plenty of folks here just as knowledgeable who are not. :wink: Thanks for the input. I’d seen that the Ritek 4X +RW’s had a Ricoh code several times… it just failed to click. lol

They say that EVERYONE NEEDS a hero. I’ve decided it’d be best if I be my own, but if I were FORCED to choose another, it’d be Al. :wink: Great quote!

Here’s something I ran across when I first got these disks. I don’t know what the heck caused this disk to be identified this way, (obviously a bug), but wouldn’t it be great if it was true? :iagree:

I’m always so busy with other things that, I’ve not learned to structure media tests properly to post them in the actualy DVD Media and CD Media test section, but I’ll probably do some when and if I get a drive capable of doing K-Probe or similar scans. I’d really like to offer my findings too, as I really appriciate what everyone’s doing here a great deal.

Did we loose you here bud? :slight_smile: I can’t seem to find the other thread where you’d talked about having got some +RW media… perhpas it wasn’t even you after all. lol… so what’d ya get, and can YOURS burn at 45.5X on an ND-3500?! :smiley: Sorry to have kinda taken over your thread bro. I hope that everything posted thusly is actualy helpful to you though.



How come we can’t edit and older post when we screw it up??
I have beta 6 but I think I’m going back to beta 4. It looks like 6 takes longer to burn +R’s.
Also they don’t have a beta 8 yet. :o :eek:



Got them and they are RICOHJPNW11’s

So I am a happy camper!!!

and at $.48 each - a real happy camper!!!



I have been using RICOHJPNW11 (Datasafe) in my NEC 3500 for a few months and they been fine.

Just tested 4x Philips +RW (PHILIPS041) in both NEC and Philips which scanned better than the the Ricohs, but the Philips discs are brand new and the Ricohs have used many times.