Ritek 4x media?

I recently bought a 50 pack of Ritek 4x media from a company selling them. When I check them they come up as LONGTEN 001 media. I used Nero,dvddecrypter,and DvdInfo to check them and they all say the same LONGTEN 001 Media. Now the only Ritek that I ever used before was 1x, and they showed up as RiteK when I checked them. I just want to make sure they didn’t send me "generic"disc’s, because they are suppose to be actual Ritek. Also my1x Ritek is much darker purple than these 4x. I’d appreciate any help and feedback. Thanks.

My experience with Riteks is somewhat limited but every Ritek disc I have used in the past has been identified in the ATIP as “Ritek”.

4X CD-Rs? Are those overprint discs? Why the slow speed?

I noticed you are in the US. If you want consistent quality without compromise, buy the Fuji Film CD-Rs. They are of the highest quality and manufactured by the CD-R patent-holder Taiyo Yuden. You can pick these discs up at Best Buy and CompUSA at reasonable prices, sometimes very cheap with rebates.

Sorry these are DVD-R disc’s and not cdr’s.

Thanks for the clarification although I would still buy the Fuji DVD recordables available at those same stores.

I just picked up some 4x Riteks that are +R. They show up in the new version of DVD Decryptor as Ritek. I realize that you’re dealing with -R, but this might be of help.

Think you got the wrong stuff. ritek 4X DVD-R is identified as RITEK G04.

Probably the store sold you the wrong stuff, LONGTEN is known as some of the worst garbage discs available out there…