Ritek 4x from shop4tech- question

hi there i was wondering if somebody here have used this media from shop4tech dot com, its the 100pk bundle.

ok this is my case:

i bought some 4x cheap media, and when i burned the movie to them everything went fine, but when i played the movie in my stanalone dvd palyer the movie started to skip and freeze towards the end.
i did a search on this topic and most of the people having this problem was due to cheap media.

so i was willing to give this media from shop4tech a try and i was wondering if somebody have used before to burn a movie at 4x and have good results ( no freezing or skipping)
thanks in advance.

by the way i have a nec3100 (1.0a firmware)

Nobody can predict how your player will respond to a given media.
The Ritek certainly has built a good reputation in the 1300 burner. Perhaps it would be wise to buy a smaller spindle or a sample pack till you are sure.

Thanks a lot for your advice, that sounds like a good idea.
i will order a few first just to make sure everything is ok.