RITEK 4X Best suitable firmware?

I quess I’m asking for an opinion. I see TDB 2.9 is out but I see different posted suggesting that the tdk 2.C8 is still the best. I mostly use ritek 4X or 8X +r disk. I want the best firmware for high speed with reliability for these disk. Which one do you guys think is the best.

tks. :bow:

Well I’m using RITEK R03’s and the TDK 2.C8 SE. As for disc quality, I can’t check since I don’t own a checking-capable burner. I’m still waiting for Liggy to implement the support for RITEK R03 rev.01 at 8x, but so far no one’s doing anything about it. So, I’ll stick with the 2.C8 until that comes out.

I got some riteks r03’s to burn at 12x but they had lots of errors using liggys beta8.

I just flashed my 2510 to 2500, now I can burn Ritek R03 using the 1.07 beta 5 (with DL support) bios. I wrote 1 disc now and it seems to do really good, I’m still testing it though.


Sparks.nl i believe they are talking about NEC-3500 firmware.

Ok, thanx.
I must say I’m still not used to the terms and techtalk overhere. Give me overclocking and I do understand, but some of this…

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