Ritek 4X and NEC 2510 or 2500

Does NEC 2510 or 2500 works with Ritek 4x sold Newegg.com? I’m going to buy one, if it does. Thanks in advance.

Sure does bought myself a 2510 using stock firmware right now and have burnt 10+ Ritek -r 4x’s and a couple Legacy +rw’s. No problems at all! Waiting for the bitset thought as I can’t use the +rw’s in any of my other DVD drives around the house. :slight_smile:

+4x or -4x?

There are two different 50 pack 4x dvd+R in Newegg.
Reading the reviews RDSM is RICOHJPN01 and RDCB is RITEKR03. (Of course that doesn’t give 100% guarantee. But helps a lot in expecting what media code you’re going to get.)

-4X also has the corresponding two different product code. I don’t have a good clue what is the difference. Very likely both are G04 but… the quality can still vary.

If the Samsung +R 50 pack goes back on stock, worth chasing it. The last report say that they are still TY code. (The only TY disc under $1, as far as I know.)

I’ve used G04 ( -R ) on the 2500 with Herrie’s 1.07v2b4 … works very well @4x.
Never tried it in the stock FW …

I’ve been using nothing but the Ritek G04 DVD-R with my 2500a w/ 107V2B4 Fw and haven’t gotten a single coaster even at 8x.

Ive not been able to burn a single g04 yet with the latest herries firmware and nero 6 and I cant figure out why…Im so fscking pissed atm, jkakdlsa;dk

Nero :Z

Try a decent burning app!