Ritek 48x CDR's

bought them from …

sux man… discs max speed is 32x (in Nero 6.3) even tho its 48x certified. also tried it on my friends Que! burner and same result with roxio software. weak!! :frowning: just a warning to anyone that is thinking about getting these discs… unless others have had a more positive experience??

Who say’s they are 48x rated? If you’re burning with the old 40x drive, current firmware would allow 40x on true 48x Ritek. Most likely they have given you some older 40x or 32x media. Some of the cheaper Ritek dye types are really crappy in the 40125 burner. There’s at least 3-4 different Ritek dye types for CDR

yeah they probably gave me some old discs… there was even a label at the bottom of the pack that even said “48x” i guess i got screwed, i can live with 32x… only about 2 mins longer to burn. its just that they’re a bit misleading with their labels