Ritek 100pk 4X DVD+R - $26 AR!

This price is unreal. My only worry is that the 5th customer review from the top said he got Ritek R03 instead of RICOHJPNR01.

Trying to decide if i should try it or not.

I’d say that 4 out 5 is pretty good odds, I’m going to give it a try. Even at $30 bucks after rebate, R03s are not too terrible. There are actually some pretty good scans from some NECs. Thanks for the post.

No prob. I think i might order one either today or tomorrow too. Too good of a price to pass up!

Just to let you know, I just received my Ritek RiData, Model DRD+474-RDCB100 and they are “Ritek R03’s” NOT RicohJpnR01. So buyer beware!

I ordered mine 2 days ago before the 10$ rebate :frowning: but I was out of discs so…

they arrived today and are ricoh01. :smiley:
which I guess is worth an extra 10 bucks…

I got extra burned a couple months ago with a 50 pack of R03 that were sold as 8X!
Even says 8X DVD+R on the disk. Nothing burns them more than 4X, and they are
not even that great…Now I see the same disks are sold as “4X”. Strange…

Well this must be the luck of the draw…I also ordered mine before the rebate, they were delivered yesterday, and I just wish they were RicohJpnR01’s. I was getting great burns with these earlier.
Now, Not so great burn with Ritek R03. Anyone have a good write strategy to recommend?

Dang, sorry to hear that guys. I was thinking about ordering a spindle today, but if the chances of getting R03 is getting better and better, i’m not sure if i should take the chance or not. I think the fastest i can burn the Ritek R03’s on my NEC 3500 is 4X w/ Herries 2.17 fw. Hmm…decisions…decsions…

I burn infrequently so burn speed is a nonissue but I am concerned about quality of burn. I dont mind burning at 4x on my nec 2500a but want backup that wont skip or prematurely lose data.
are the R03 discs on par with the ricohjpnr01s quality wise?
29 bucks for ritek seems like such a good deal that I am suprised to see people passing on it if it is r03. are they really that bad/?

well on friday the one i orderd on tue, were ricohjpnr01s
so maybe the where house? where the guy grabs the sleave from,etc,thro i do have some r03 and they burn ok

Had the exact same thing happen to me. I guess I got what I payed for… :a

My discs arrived yesterday and they were the ricohjpnr01s!!! They burned now problem at 8x on my plextor 712a and had a max 50PI 2PO when analyzed on kprobe. Nice.

Thats good to hear you got RICOHJPNR01’s. I never did order another spindle of them. I kept hearing more and more people receiving R03’s so i decided not to take the chance.

Oh well, i got some Verbatim 16X DVD+R’s on the way :slight_smile:

I got RiTEK R03’s. But I’m very satisfied. They burn well at 8x on my 2510 with maddog 2F7. The ricohjpn’s only go 6x. So if you have a newer NEC drive I think either one is good! I could tell they were R03’s as soon as I opened them. They have the characteristic RiTEK syrup smell!