Ritek 100pack DVD+R 8X for $26.99 + $5 shipping

Check this deal out at Newegg.com :iagree:

:smiley: -ImBAD- :smiley:

After $10 Mail-In Rebate. :eek:

these will be riteckR03-02

I got some a couple weeks ago

Just wanted to mention that the fulfillment house Ritek is using is not too bright. I mailed in a Ritek rebate last month and it posted relatively quickly but indicated that they couldn’t fulfill it because my name and address was missing. Apparently they must have missed it when they were typing in my e-mail address found right below those lines to send me the message.

I sent them an e-mail through their customer support page and almost two weeks later they responded saying they fixed the problem. Been checking for about a week and still not fixed. Have another e-mail in that I’ve been waiting for about a week and no response yet.

sorry to here that… i have never had a problem with there rebates although it does take around 8 weeks to get it back i got 2 im waiting on getting ready to mail another

Make sure and check your scans for these R03s. The last batch I got were not even close to 8X quality and even at 4X were showing PI errors 3 times as high as before.

I’m using these right now, and haven’t had any quality problems with them yet. Though the 4x Ritek tend to burn just as fast.