Ritek 100 pk for Less then $40!


Hi guys, this deal was posted at fatwallet and I don’t see it here so figured mine as well mention it. Shop4tech is selling their Ritek disks for $39.60 for a 100 pack which includes free shipping. The coupon code “WEEKLY10” will take off 10% additionally and bring the price to $39.60. I bought 100 and that’s what mine came to but i’m in IL.

That price is really insane for such super high quality DVD-R’s.

What do you call TY or Maxell made in Japan if Ritek G04 DVD-R 4x is super high quality media?


Perhaps that’s some DVD+R made in China or Taiwan. $0.4 for 8x DVD+R still sounds good.


Optodisc 4x DVD+R for $0.39.


Prodisc 8x DVD+R for $0.54.

TY seems very expensive at Shop4tech now. It might be that TY in the US market is in high demand and the resellers need more profits from TY sales since most other media bring an average profit of under $0.1.

TY are super disks, maybe the highest quality from what i’ve read. The ones i’ve bought seem the same quality as the Riteks i’ve ever used as both burned and play perfectly. I don’t see any difference and I have some Riteks from 18 months ago which are still perfect. I guess it’s all perception, but they’re definitely high quality.

Prodiscs I haven’t had good experiences with, so I don’t mess with them. The same with Optodisc, had VERY bad experiences with those, so bad that I still have an unopened 25 pack spindle. You want it? lol