@ RiteAid, CD-R 50pk: Fuji $7.99 AR, Maxell $5.99 no rebate + DVD

At RiteAid thru 9/2. The rebate is RiteAid’s “Single Check Rebate,” very reliable. I picked up two of the Fuji yesterday, found MIJ TYs.

They will also have the Maxell DVD±R (25pk) for $9.99 no rebate. The +R I found are MIJ (Maxell002).

dang its a 7 dollar rebate on the fuji 50 pack, can we trust riteaid? i might go for it since its MIJ

It is their “single check rebate” program, 100% reliable. I get a check just about every month. I usually don’t do rebates, but I don’t hesitate on this one. Regardless, I think the $15 pre-rebate price is also a deal, I am using these discs exclusively now. Great results with my LTR-48246. Note that some are made in taiwan.

Now there’s really still Fuji MIJ TY? :open_mouth:

Yep, in the old style blue shrink wrap and a new style yellow.

I have only found the yellow-wrapped spindles of the MIT flavor.

This past sunday I spotted the yellow ones for the first time ever and they were MIJ, but I opted for the old reliable blue shrinkwrap. Change is never good!

i got two fuji 50 pk of yellow MIJ , hope the rebates come

Did you go to the riteaid site and sign up for single check rebates? It sometimes takes a day or two for the transaction to show up, you enter some info from your receipt and select the option to go ahead and issue the rebate check now. Otherwise you have until the end of the month, they expect you to make more qualifying purchases, but I usually just request the check right off, because if you forget to request the check you are out of luck.

These rebates are very reliable, its a RiteAid program and they don’t want to piss off their customers.

pretty good deal, this could be your last chance to get TY CD-R for cheap.

i’ll wait couple of days and if it doesnt show up i’m taking them back,i hate rebates. thanx for the info. :bow:

You are paying $15 for spindle of 50 of Fuji and according to the title of thethread this is CD-R not DVD+/-R, therefore this is expensive deal. If you look around @ BB, CC, Staples, OM, OD you might find same deal for only $7.99 to $9.99. To me this is not attractive deal at all.

Dont forget he is speaking of TY CDR, they are almost at their extinction and BB has the TY CDR fujifilms for $18 per 50. Even online Value TY CDR unbranded costs almost $30 for 100. They are very valuable for backing up your music collection. if you dont act now, you will regret later on.

Yes, $15/50pk is not a blowout deal, but if you want Fuji and MIJ in a B&M store, you can get them. Anyways, at $8/50pk it IS a good deal. I avoid rebates like the plague, but the RiteAid SCR is solid.

i just got a comfirmation, the rebate check for 7 bucks went thru. 2-3 wks to get in the mail. I went back and bought another pk but i couldnt apply for the rebate again. so the second pk goes back to the store. thanx for the heads up tho. hard to come by TY nowdays.

I have 5 spindle of 50 each, both 3 from Staples and 2 from BB all for $7.88 each so I don’t have to regret later on.

When did you get them?? I dont remember Staples still having 50 spindle Fuji for almost a year. The last batch of TY CD-Rs at Staples under fuji brands were the colorful spindle of 30 (3 spindles of 10 wrapped together), and even with the colorful fujis, MIJ spindles are long gone. For BB, I haven’t seen any sale on Fuji CD-R spindle 48X in a long time, always at $17 or $18 per spindle. I know you are all stocked up so you are not worried, but for others, might be their only chance to land on TY CD-Rs at decent deal. And you will never find nice deal on TY CDR media like the old days since most manufactures cut back on CDR production and thus the price is high.

[B]Please read my earlier post that it is intended for the general public, not targeted at an individual[/B]. In my humble opinion, TY CDRs prices are not going to be as low as in the past since TY has cut down their production on CDR and so do other companies out there, thus the supply is low and thus the price is high. TY can only be found under Maxell CDR Pro or Pro audio, or Music, Sony Music, Fujifilm 48X blue spindle (some are MIT). And the last time BB has Fuji CDR on sale for $9.99 for a spindle of 50 was over a year and half ago. The sale at Rite-Aid was also over a year and half ago for that same price with no rebates. For those who are looking for TY, take my advice and jump on the deal. For me, I still have many spindles of TY left on hand under Fuji and Maxell brand. I even have 8X Maxell left and 8X Mitsui left on hand and thus I am good for life on the CDR.

Some of the yellow spindle Fuji are TY, also.