Rise of The Lycans aspect

I converted Underworld Rise Of The Lycans to PSP format and it plays fine but the image looks like a little squeezed. I read the aspect ratio of the movie on the dvd is 2.40:1/

iIused these settings for convertion:

Frame Resolution 384x160, bits/pixel .417, aspect ratio 2.40000

which settings should i use?

another thing is that the black bars to maintain wide screen aspect don’t appears even if i change view mode on the psp.

340x160 is 2.125:1. The black bars will not be encoded if you have automatic cropping selected in Common Settings or activated on the crop settings page (this is normally preferred, it is a waste of bits to encode them). Experiment with the settings on the Advanced Resolution Settings page and select an output aspect ratio that matches the cropped aspect ratio. Sorry I do not have this movie to test with.

I used am ore close to 2.40 (2.36) 476x176 or so and now i can adjust the movie better, full screen, wide screen (black bars) and zoom. Also the picture looks better in terms of quality than the first conversion i tied. Thanks for the help Signals.