Rise of nations : which proctection?


I need info for this game !
Which protection is it and how to copy it ?

i just ordered the game but i need to know about copy protec.


Try scanning it with ClonyXXL.

i dont have the game at the moment :o

Safedisc 2.7.

ok. Easy to copy with liteon/ or asus 52x /clonecd, isn’t it ?


Yes but bear in mind that a copy made with ccd may cease working if a game update also updates the protection to sd 2.8+.

This happened for many people with Battlefield 1942 when a game update upgraded the protection from sd 2.6 to sd 2.8.

And how to defeat this problem ?
If i use bw or alcohool to do my backup, will it be the same problem ?


There won’t be a problem if you use the latest version of alcohol.

Originally posted by philamber
There won’t be a problem if you use the latest version of alcohol.

What if I don’t use alcohol? Can this problem be avoided with clonecd/fireburner/nero/blindwrite? If so how? Thx

Discdump/fireburner copy and CloneCD (with cue)/fireburner copy will also work fine after update to sd 2.8+.

I just check alcohol’s site about the liteon 24x burner issues and it appears that it can’t burn sd 2.9x :(.


Rise of nations uses safedisc 2.7 according to daemon tool’s website, but I have heard that the newest Rise of nations patch updated the sd protection on the game. Does this matter whether the burner is able to burn sd 2.9 media or not? If the game was burned properly with the original disc being protected by sd2.7, no matter what the update do to make it 2.9, it shouldn’t affect anything right? If not plz lecture me on this, thx :slight_smile: