Rise And Fall CaW, Starforce, FujiFilm 4x +RW RICOHJPNW11

I have Rise and Fall and got my hands on a supported DVD+RW with matching media code so I can keep my original away and safe (plus I like to beat these damn protections) I follow instructions really well and have formated 2 out of five of these FujiFilm 4x +RW discs and I get nothing, It hangs for awhile when checking discthen just becomes not responding and I have to ctrl+alt+del and end it. Has anybody used this media type/code on this game and got it working?

I just was reading somewhere else and it says for SF 3.7 protected games need to be run off a external/usb 2 ide dvd-rom, is this true?

Nothing illegal here please.

I dont belive there are any cracked exe’s or mini images for SF games. That is kinda getting close to having my thread closed so if anything else besides those…

Believe me there is.Just find your game…

I’m playing Splinter Cell,Silent Hunter III…without protection.But,if the game is new then you must wait for THEM to crack the game,or you can use tools like:
1.Virtual drive:Daemon tools (latest version i think it’s 4.06)
2.StarForce Nightmare(To disable you CD-roms)
If you want i can explain it to you but i didnt understood the name of your game.

Rise and Fall CaW???I never heard for that game,and i can’t find it on net either.
Is that a full name? Whats that CaW?

Rise and fall Civilization at war

//Nothing illegal please.