Rirek R03 +R 8X at Newegg for $34 delivered

Sometimes these are decent, I would go with the Burnmaster TY YUDEN000T02 and spend a few more dollares if it was my choice.

Most definitely! Those Burnmaster TYs at AllMediaOutlet should come out far better. I’ve not seen my Riteks do very well at all, so I for one will steer clear of anything Ritek.

BTW, I recently had a disk that was only 2 months old; I rescanned just the PIF and it had doubled So I’m doing PIF rescanning as I can on my Riteks; if they do that same thing and aren’t within normal variances, I’ll copy them and chuck those Riteks. Wow…what an expensive mistake, but not as expensive as losing the data would be. :frowning: