Rip's into 1gb files

I got a My Book by WD, black with the blue light on front, any way I’d thought i would get it on sale for $75 @ Wally’sWorld and store some movies on it for streaming later.

I use DVDShrink and then IMG Burn, it’s been great for those movies that I can back up. I noticed the first movie I backed up for the grandkids to watch, it put’s the files (.iso) on the HD at 1 gb chunks. I’ve gone into the preferences )DVDShrink) and unchecked “split VOB files into 1gb size chunks” and it still does this.

Any work around?

That shouldn’t be happening at all. DVDShrink will normally rip to a single ISO file (when you choose ISO as the output).

If you are not compressing these movies, and DVDShrink is able to handle the encryption alone, you can substitute DVDDecrypter and output as an ISO. You can find it at

Both Shrink and Decrypter are very much outdated as decryption programs however and you almost certainly will run into a dvd they cannot handle. Might be time to invest in AnyDVD when you run into one. AnyDVD can run in the background to break encryption, then you can make the ISO with Decrypter or DVDShrink.

In the meantime, I’d try uninstalling DVDShrink and reinstalling, just to see if this changes its behavior on this one movie.

The most likely cause is the My Book by WD is formatted FAT32.
You need to either use a disc that came with the My Book by WD if one did.
Or get a download from WD that will let you format NTFS.
Or use a third party software that will .