Rips are not looking good

Hello my cdfreaks peeps! I recently just got a 26’ Flat screen. Now I have a bunch of Rips in (.avi) no their not illegal. They’re a bunch of rips from my OLD Collections. I’m talking about DVDs that are 2000 and lower (Don’t worry I own them I think I even have the receipts still)! I been using my converter and such for years. Never had a problem with my rips. I always upscale them using Dr. Divx. Then Burn them using Convertxtodvd. They’ve always look awesome on my 26’ SDTV now they look like a load of sh:clap:t. I mean they’re watchable. But they’re to d:cop:mn pixley. I swear every time some on moves it’s like
FREAKIN HUGE PILE UP Maybe I’m to picky. Is there anything out there to upscale them to at least 720p?

ONCE again. I own them. THEIR NOT PIRATED. I pretty much gotten out of that, can you say pay raise?

Uhhh. Any one, did cdfreaks die or somthing?

Try reripping them (the originals) in a better bit rate, on better media.

I agree… using DL media in clone mode might help too!

What program would you recommend? For HD?