O.K., whats is the quickest and easiest way to rip a file to be burnt on img burn?:confused:


What file?


aww dang, sorry… A movie backup?


If you have AnyDVD, you can use ImgBurn itself to create a 1:1 backup of your original movies :slight_smile:

If you don’t have it, there is a free alternative: DVDFab HD Decrypter. Use it to rip the original disc, and then use ImgBurn to write the backup on a blank disc.


Hey guys- I’m new to ImgBurn but have used DVDfab and Shrink for quite a while- trying now to use ImgBurn after ripping with DVDFab, but the file video ts file that I’m trying to backup to a disc is too large? With Shrink I could make the adjustments to enable it to fit, but I dont see those options here? Or am I just looking in the wrong place? Any help would be great!


Options where? Use the DVD Shrink to shrink and them Imagburn to burn to Single Layer Disc


Thanks Bean- but just so I’m clear, (and since I never used these particular options on Shrink before), I should just save the MAIN movie (since it will then be a small enough file) as an iso file and then burn it with ImgBurn right?

Normally Shrink handled it all and it automatically used Nero to burn but lately Ive had issues using them so I thought I’d give this one a try.


Posts #67 to #74, but please read Post #78.


Thanks beef barley

No way I could have given the OP that much info so easily.

Jackkal just follow beef barley’s post and you should be good to go.


Beef Barley- you nailed it! Thanks! And #78 has been noted!

Thanks for all the help… Keep up the good work!


And thanks to you too Bean! Great help!


You are both welcome, glad to help. @ Jakkal99, thanks for letting us know.