i just burned a movie on a dvd-rw and tried to rip it on dvdfab5. it did not work—am i not able to use dvd-rw on my fab5


You just burned a movie and are now trying to rip it back to the hard drive?

What did you burn the movie [B]from[/B] if not a file or ISO on the hard drive? Was it an unencrypted optical disk to disk burn?

Does the movie on the disk play correctly?

And to answer your question, DVDFab should have no problem opening a unencrypted disk. You might have a poor burn, or very poor media that you are using. What speed did you burn at?


I have 1000 vhs movies that I am trying to put on my computer. I burned the first one on a dvd vhs recorder on a dvd-rw dvd. the movie plays back ok on the dvd recorder. Now when I when I try ripping it on my computer with dvdfab 5 a message comes saying that fab 5 has stopped working and is shutting down. I am extremely new at this. I have ripped 23 dvd movies on fab 5 so far.


First off stay away from RW media you should only use -/+R media for backing movies. Since you already have a dvd/vhs recorder just use -/+R media to go from vhs to dvd. That how I would do it. RW is notorious for being picky. They should be best left for data only.


If you have DVD from VHS tape, you do not need to do any ripping, just use Explorer and copy to hard drive.


I must be a little slow today but I was wondering how you copy movies from a dvd to my hard drive using explorer.


If the dvd is unencrypted, as your vhs–>dvd conversions should be, then you can just copy and paste the dvd onto the hard drive.

Put the disk in the dvd drive, go to My Computer (in XP), right click on the drive containing the dvd, hit Copy, then go to the folder where you want to put the dvd and hit Paste.