I use AnyDVD with 1Click, and all is good. But, say I need to use AnyDVD Ripper, what can I use to take the ripped movie on the HDD and shrink it to fit on 4.7 G DVD and remove extras, etc like 1Click does when copying from the decripted DVD source? Is there a cheap program that will work like 1Click but from a movie on the HDD?


Use 1Click …

>> Open 1Click >> Options >> “Source” > Click on the " / " - ( drop-down )
>> Hard-Drive Folder >> Browse >> Navigate/Direct to folder
>> Select HDD Folder as 'Source" , your burner as “Destination”

that’s it , now use 1Click as you normally would …

You may select the destination to be a HDD folder also ,
and then … in any combination / direction you so choose .


Shannon, thanks again. I feel dumb. I did’t realize 1Click lets you choose a folder as your source. Problem solved.