Hi everyone, I really don’t like being new to something and not being able to solve problems myself…but this is a field I haven’t touched much.

Just got this new cd and I want to put it on my Ipod. When I insert the cd my cursor goes to the cd loading icon while the light on my drive blinks. After doing this for awhile, nothing happens. I tried disabling Autoplay, and I got IsoHunter…but I don’t really know waht I’m doing yet.


Most likely there is some sort of copy protection on the the CD that must be defeated before you can do this. Only in the last few years has this become a problem.

The music industry thinks that this will make more people buy CDs.


I’d try ripping the cd to my hard drive and burning a copy of it. I use Nero with the disk copy option.


Try downloading AnyDVD and running that in the background. It can remove many types of protection including most well-used audio protections.