I was wondering if there is any software that allows you to rip music off of games. I’ve look some of every where and can’t find any. Do you guys know of any?


depends on the game - which do you want to know about


Is there anything where you can actually rip PS2 video clips straight from the disk instead of capturing it on the TV?


What I am trying to do is rip if not all but certain tracks off of the game. If I can get a hold of the software then I can pretty much figure it out but I don’t know of any to use for games. Mostly the game that I plan on ripping the music from is ps2 and dreamcast. Xbox from what I heard of is kind of difficult to rip anything from. A friend tried to the game and he said it gave him a headache so I know if ripping the game is hard then the music for it is going to be even harder.


Hey I could of sworn I posted in this thread yesterday?

Was my post deleted for some reason?


Exactly what did you say in the post?


I just asked if there was also a program to rip actual video clips from PS2 games directly instead of having to capture it from the TV. Perhaps I started writing it then got distracted and didnt press submit.


or perhaps you got your post deleted because this is about ripping songs, and your post was off topic. please start your own thread.


It was on topic and wasn’t anything bad. Was just like most of the other stuff on here. I think I must of forgot to press the button to post it. :stuck_out_tongue:


no it wasnt. i deleted it. the post is about ripping music from games. not video.


So do you know of any ckin2001