Ripping XBOX to the PC Hard Drive

Hi there. I HOPE that I put this in the right forum. I have an XBOX that is modded and I have a 120GB hard drive put in the XBOX that currently holds 43 games… and counting. I am wondering how I would go about ripping the games onto my PC for storage without the use of a DVD Writer. I talked to my mod-chip installer and he said that I can link the XBOX and the PC together through the Ethernet ports. My XBOX is FTP capable and all. The reason that I ask is that all of the games that I currently have on the XBOX hard drive, I like them all. However, I am running low on disk space and I want to transfer games to my PC for storage purposes to free up space on my XBOX, then I want to transfer games back and forth so that they would work. Can somebody please give me a link or an algorithm so that I can get started? Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Sorry if this is a stupid question!

first you need to connect your xbox to pc … you can use intructions on this link

that hooks it up to your pc …and then you just use FTP program and transfer the games off and on

here is a good site …just depends on the type of dashboard you have on your xbox on what to do …here is link to several tutorials that show you exactly how to do it …

link above has how to network them too and how to transfer games and everything


Thank you good sir Giovanni!